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IMG_3150Brew Rambling


Thing is, I can’t figure out if this is a bad thing or a good.

Then researchers discovered the unusual truth: Fungi in the man’s digestive system were turning carbohydrates into alcohol — a rarely diagnosed condition known as “auto-brewery syndrome.”

In people with the syndrome, fermenting fungi or bacteria in the gut produce ethanol and can cause the patients to show signs of drunkenness. The condition, also known as gut fermentation syndrome, can occur in otherwise healthy people but is more common in patients with diabetes, obesity or Crohn’s disease.

$2,000,000 Whiskey

I have three life bucket goals: develop a taste for coffee, become a saint, develop a taste for whiskey. Not necessarily in that order.

The whisky comes from the same cask #263 of Macallan that yielded the previous world record holders for most expensive single bottle of spirit.

Distilled in 1926, when the whisky was 60 years-old (in 1986) the cask yielded just 40 bottles. Twelve bottles were given a label designed by Italian artist Valerio Adami, 12 more were given a label by Peter Blake and two were sold and given private labels – including one by Irish artist Michael Dillon which was the bottle sold last November for £1.2m.


This would be like claiming someone stole tourism promotional ads for Somalia. Why would anyone want them?

Anheuser-Busch on Thursday claimed that rival MillerCoors had broken the law by stealing recipes for Bud Light and Michelob Ultra.

The accusations, including that an Anheuser-Busch employee took screenshots of secret beer recipes and smuggled them out, are contained in a 66-page legal filing in federal court in Wisconsin in … Read the rest



Children’s TV host Soupy Sales, during one of his programs, asked children to send him the “funny green pieces of paper with pictures of U.S. Presidents” from their parent’s wallets and purses. He received thousands of dollars in the mail and was suspended for two weeks.


Best 100 Debut Albums of All Time

The Beatles‘ released their first album, Please Please Me in 1963. In honor of that world-changing LP, we’ve compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Debut Albums of All Time. A note on how we made the list: Albums got docked points if the artist went on to far greater achievements (which is why Please Please Me and Greetings from Asbury Park, great as they are, didn’t made the Top 10); conversely, we gave a little extra recognition to great debut albums that the artist never matched (hello, Is This It and Illmatic!). We also skipped solo debuts by artists who were already in well-known bands, which is why you won’t see John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band or Paul Simon. We focused, instead, on debuts that gave you the thrill of an act arriving fully-formed, ready to reinvent the world in its own image.

Holden Revisited

J.D. Salinger, Unbound: A new exhibit at the New York Public Library offers an unprecedented glimpse into the novelist’s creative process and private life.… Read the rest


Lonely Car


I was a big fan. I still think “Best Friend’s Girl” is one of the greatest songs of the decade.

The Mystery of Ric Ocasek: ‘He Tried for Happiness, But Underneath Was a Lot of Pain’

The New Wave icon was always an enigmatic presence, and the cool detachment that fueled his hits with Cars came from a very real sense of aloneness.

Hudge and Gudge


Using lobbying, the revolving door and “dark pattern” customer tricks, Intuit fended off the government’s attempts to make tax filing free and easy, and created its multi-billion-dollar franchise.


America’s best haunted houses. I don’t care for slasher movies. Horror movies are alright. I really like haunted houses, as long as they’re urbane. I don’t like people jumping out at me in the dark.

Erebus (Pontiac, Michigan): Erebus bills itself as a “four-story tower of terror.” It’s a half-mile walk filled with zombies, monsters and a time-travel experiment gone terribly wrong. Erebus is just outside Detroit.… Read the rest


For the Bar Tonight

As Radical as Its Eponym

Sam Adams’ newest beer is illegal in 15 states. And not because it uses the word “fag” in its advertising or anything sinister like that.

Utopias is described as a “barrel-aged extreme beer” and has a multiyear-long brewing process, Forbes reports. The 2019 brew is a blend of Sam Adams’ earlier extreme beers, which have reportedly been aged in wooden bourbon casks.

According to Forbes, Sam Adams’ only brewed 77 wooden casks of Utopias, which the outlet describes as having “distinct vanilla notes and subtle nutty and elegant dark fruit aromas.” The beer also claims to have an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 28 percent, significantly higher than the average beer (which is usually lower than 10 percent).


A lot has changed since the period that Waugh on Wine covers. The British mass market is no longer in the grip of a “depraved” taste for semi-sweet wine. The drinkers he has in mind when he refers solecistically to “the hoi polloi” do not exhibit a “passion for filth” by favouring cheap Teutonic gut-rot. Pink champagne is easy to find, and Chianti is no longer the preserve of nurses hosting dinners in fifth-floor flatshares in Fulham. A large proportion of the most sought-after French wines now end up in Chinese cellars. The globalization of demand has stretched prices. When Waugh complains about the cost of 1982’s most rarefied clarets, he proposes as an alternative Château Léoville-Las Cases at £9 a bottle; anyone thinking of laying down its 2018 counterpart will have to find around twenty-five times that amount.

Depressed Drinking

Amen to these observations. The nauseating Read the rest