Month: January 2019


Miscellaneous Rambling

The cold blast continues. I ginned it off last night, now I’ll use it to blast off my hangover this morning. I suspect I shiver it off on my trip to the office in a few minutes.

Ceiling. TrastevereThis is interesting: “A growing body of research indicates that restrictive zoning—which often blocks the services and housing that families need—may help to explain why family sizes are shrinking in the United States.” Link. Now that we’ve had a century of urban planning, we’re seeing that the planners were often hubristically wrong in their assumptions and methods. We know zoning ordinances are hopelessly ham-handed, so much so that they have to be riddled with exceptions and, quite often, non-enforcement. It’s also significant that zoning intuitively “hates” business. If you’re doing something for profit, it’s subject to far greater regulation than if you’re doing something for yourself, and the restrictions normally aren’t remotely related to public safety. They’re simply restrictions built around the assumption that, if you’re doing it for profit, you must be watched carefully.

Ceiling. TrastevereRandom Blurb from the Notebooks: The Marquis de Condorcet told us that civilization would have 37,000,000 poets like Homer and 37,000,000 philosophers like Newton when the common man’s resources were plentiful and his work time limited. This is one of the worst predictions of all time (which isn’t surprising since he was working with some of the worst principles of all time). The average work week these days is forty hours and people have a lot of free time. So where are all the poets and philosophers? … Read the rest

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Midweek Rambling

Coldageddon arrives. Today’s high: Minus 12. Accompanied by wind. I’ve never seen it like this.

I went for a walk last night after work, enjoying the seven degrees and stiff wind, telling myself I was walking in Antarctica. It was fun for the first three minutes, then it started to hurt. I’m gonna try the same thing early this morning, at minus 15, then again tonight, at minus 20. Except this time, I’m doing it naked.

You know, just to say I did it.

There are all sorts of upsides to this weather. My phone at the office has died down, allowing me a precious opportunity to get caught up. There’s the fantastica Antarctica walks. And there’s this: “It will be so cold outside that you shouldn’t talk. That’s the warning from the National Weather Service as potentially record-breaking cold slams Chicago and the Midwest.” Link.

I’ve always intended to start reading Rene Girard. Rod Dreher inches me closer with this piece: Rene Girard & The Covington Catholic Boys.

A TDE reader sends this along. Pretty cool, especially for a semi-heavy rocker from the 1980s who likes Marvin Gaye:

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misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

Whew. Winter Hell Week. Minus 20 tomorrow. That’ll be the coldest I’ve ever felt. I’m kind of looking forward to it.

misc-rambling-picMan, Dante needs to come up with another circle of hell for these folks: People robbed of winter coats at gunpoint. Now, they’re not just any winter coat. They’re the outrageously expensive Canada Goose coats. But still. That’s just bogue.

misc-rambling-picYears ago, I was a crowded sports bar in a Detroit suburb on a real cold winter night. I saw some guy across the room, putting my winter coat on, preparing to leave. The coat had my hometown’s local community college logo on it. I hurried across the room and confronted the guy. It became immediately apparent that he was too drunk to defend himself, either against charges of attempted theft or physically. He apologized and gave me back my coat, and the encounter was over. About ten minutes later, I saw him quick grab some random coat and run out of the bar.

misc-rambling-picCure for cancer? A small group of Israeli scientists are making big claims. … Read the rest


Miscellaneous Rambling

The new podcast is up: Episode 19: Introverts, Deconstructionists, and Gnostics. It’s one of my favorites, even if the deconstructionist piece gets a bit thick at points. Show notes:

Introverts. An introvert is not a shy person. It’s someone who draws energy from quiet. He has a finite supply of energy for interaction . . . it drains him. A huge revelation for this podcaster. Hat tip to The Matt Walsh Show.

Deconstructionists. Derrida’s attack on binaries was an overreaction to Descartes’ erroneous dualism that denied the sacramental nature of reality. That, anyway, is my theory.

Gnostic Gays: Deconstructionism + Gnosticism = LGBTQ movement

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Ceiling. TrastevereBirth control increases feminine hormones, which then get passed onto the mother’s male children. Two generations later, you have males with female traits and, voila, an explosion in homosexuals. Link. This is the second time I’ve heard this. Anyone else ever hear it?

Ceiling. TrastevereAre you in favor of marijuana usage? This article is a must-read: Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. Excerpt:

In the 1970s, the last time this many Americans used cannabis, most marijuana contained less than two percent THC. Today, marijuana routinely contains 20 to 25 percent THC, thanks to sophisticated farming and cloning techniques—as well as to a demand by users for cannabis that produces a stronger high more quickly. In states where cannabis is legal, many users prefer extracts that are nearly pure THC. Think of the difference between near-beer and a martini, or even grain alcohol, to understand the difference.

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This is great to see. I received a bottle of this stuff for Christmas. I haven’t tried it yet. 92 Proof. Yowza.

I found this gin through this board and it has quickly become my favorite from r/Gin

I’m actually eligible for gin again. I’ve dropped ten pounds since January 1st. Well, I had dropped ten pounds, until I succumbed to The Little Caesars app on my phone last night and wolfed down half a double-cheese pizza and three crazy breads. Man, those lapses are killers. I’m back on the diet today.

Marie is still in Colorado anyway. Here she is at the Blue Moon Brewery in Denver. Blue Moon is her favorite non-craft beer:

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