Month: August 2018



Light blogging this holiday weekend, but you don’t need any drinking material from me. Modern Drunkard Magazine has you covered: The Subtle Art of Beer Snobbery. Excerpt:

The Beer Fuehrer
This curmudgeonly gentlemen will declare he would rather guzzle urine than drink what he considers “bad beer.” And by bad he means any beer that comes in a can, has commercials on television, or has been heard of by more than fifty people. He can only pity the poor fools who sit in bars drinking the swill disgorged by the vast corporate vats, when they could be drinking swill produced in much smaller ones.

The Hops Head
The power-crazed Dr. Frankenstein of beer snobs, this wretched soul has descended so deeply into the pit of snobbery he has convinced himself that the vile liquid (he will call it something akin to Super Duper Black Cherry Berry Power Porter) he concocted in his basement is not only non-poisonious, but superior to the stuff it took monks 50 generations to perfect. … Read the rest


The utopian/progressivist is often willing to sacrifice his spirit for the purpose of bringing about social change. This is the type of man Voegelin was talking about when he said “human beings who engage in this enterprise move away from the life of the spirit.”

It needs to be emphasized that Voegelin was not just talking about the souls of the men engaged in the enterprise. Every one else’s soul is at risk, too, because the progressive doesn’t stop with his own soul. He moves onto others’ spirits by creating societal conditions that are hostile to religious values and hence anathema to the life of the spirit, engaging in a practice that might be called “vampire magic,” a magic that sucks the spiritual life from others in furtherance of the magicians’ earthly goals.

This type of magic might be unintentional, a mere by-product of a one-sided view of humanity that sees no value in the spirit. But it might be intentional, as symbolized by the large number of clergymen who wound up in Nazi concentration camps, like St. Maximilian Kolbe and Lutheran minister Dietrich Bonhoeffer, or in the Soviets’ brutal suppression of the Russian Orthodox Church. Voegelin seemed to think it was intentional or at least inherent in the different types of progressivism.

Whether intentional or not, the efforts to solicit or manipulate the human soul for earthly gain is a magical effort that is at the center of our culture. … Read the rest


And More Rambling

Feast Day of the Beheading of John the Baptist. Probably the most gruesome Feast Day.

Another great Tom Woods podcast, btw: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Erased by Library Association, Deserves Her Place in Literary History. It’s not as good as the interview with Rachel Brown, but it’s very good. Highly interesting, whether you read the books as a kid, watched the series on NBC, are are simply someone interested in libertarian thought.

Interesting nugget from that podcast: 1.5 trillion locusts descended on the Great Plains during the Great Locust Plague of 1875. Unbelievable. I’m going to double the number of low tunnels at my production site. I hope floating row covers can withstand a million grasshoppers.

I started using floating row cover earlier this month, btw. The early results are highly encouraging. I plan on putting at least a half-dozen beds under floating row covers (or under hoops with row covers over them). I’d read about them for years but had never tried them. That is changing now.

Random Blurb from the Notebooks: The nineteenth-century Scottish fantasy writer, George MacDonald, lived in intense poverty. He wrote fairy tales in order to eke out a living for his family. Yet he had a peaceful mind. Said C.S. Lewis about him: “His peace of mind came not from building on the future but from resting in what he called ‘the Holy Present.'”… Read the rest


misc-rambling-picMore Miscellaneous Rambling

Later Addendum: Ignore the Tom Woods Show reference below. If you haven’t heard it, you MUST listen to Fr. Richard Altier’s 8/19/2018 homily. I’d seen and heard references to it, but hadn’t bothered to listen to it until Drew Mariani played the entire thing. It kept me up the rest of the night/early morning. Honestly, go download it, pass it along, shout it from the rooftops. This priest lays it out. I gotta believe the Church hierarchy is going to be coming at him with long blades or, at a minimum, attacks on his assertions. Again, a must hear. Side Note: The good stuff starts at 6:20 (minute 6, second 20)

misc-rambling-picOkay, run, don’t walk, to The Tom Woods Show and check out the interview with Rachel Fulton Brown (“Now They’re Coming for Medieval Studies”). Brown is a professor of medieval history at the University of Chicago, and she’s hated by academics. Her sins against academia are legion, but among them: an abiding faith that a return to Marian devotion is the only thing that can save western civilization. And she has the intellectual mojo to back up her claim, as evidenced by her Mary and the Art of Prayer: The Hours of the Virgin in Medieval Christian Life and Thought, which was recently published by Columbia University Press. The Woods’ interview is far-ranging and can’t be missed. I’ve never (ever) heard such unabashed devotion to Mary from an academic, much less one from a top tier university like Chicago.

misc-rambling-picThis is one of the funniest and saddest articles of the year: 2014 WaPo fluff piece that praises McCarrick. … Read the rest


Miscellaneous Rambling

Wow, whatta weekend. The most iconoclastic president and pope in modern history start to wobble. (Link to Pope Francis cover-up story, if you haven’t seen it yet.) TDE readers know I’m no fan of Pope Francis, but I’m not inclined to think he deliberately tried to unleash McCarrick on more young men. What I think is, Pope Francis had (and has) an acute political agenda, and normalizing homosexuality is part of that agenda. McCarrick and others are homosexuals, so he wanted their guidance. That entailed bringing McCarrick back from the hairshirt penance BXVI had imposed. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Pope Francis talked with him first, “Now, Ted, you’re done putting your penis into other guys, right? If we’re gonna push this agenda, we need you to keep clean.”

Ceiling. TrastevereFunny: Picture of F1 before the weekend and then after the weekend.

Ceiling. TrastevereMan, it’s humid out there. I worked at the produce site for three hours yesterday. I could literally wring water out of my shirt at the end of the session. I have about 20% of the site buried under wood chips. I’m optimistic that, if I get enough wood chips delivered, I’ll be able to bury the entire site, less the areas that I currently have under tarps. I’ll probably just leave those tarp areas “as is” for now, so I have areas for planting next spring, though I plan on making two or three “pristine” layered beds: thin layer of newspaper covered by compost covered by wood chips, so I have a few great beds next spring. I’ll have to remember to mark them so I can … Read the rest



Well, those Nuun hydration tablets seem to be doing the trick. I’m feeling almost normal. Of course, it might be the temperate weather we’ve been having, but regardless, I’ll take it. I think I’m even going to fire up the gin and tonic tonight.

A loyal TDE reader sends along this most-righteous vintage poster. You can buy it for $350 here.

It reminds me on ongoing disagreement between Marie and me: Is it appropriate to drink while working at the produce site? I say “yes,” she says “no.” Her point is, it’s hard work: lots of hauling, walking, lifting. My point is, it’s hard work: lots of hauling, walking, lifting. So you can see how we’re not coming to an agreement. I’m inclined to have a few at the site tonight while I continue my Eden efforts. We’ll see.

Eden efforts? Yes. I’m going nuclear at the site: I’m trying to bury the entire thing under six inches of wood chips (or, to the extent it’s available, a layer of corrugated and three inches of wood chips). I have the entire perimeter chipped-off, which should greatly reduce invasive grass from penetrating into the site, but now I hope to convert the entire operation to the Back to Eden gardening method. I did it with my side yard five years ago and it worked really well.

Right now, I have about 20% of the operation buried in wood chips, with enough inventory on hand to bury another 5%. Even if I can’t get the entire operation submerged, the 25% should help immensely later next year (the chips will probably need at least a year … Read the rest