Month: May 2018


Hump Day Rambling

My home garden is almost finished. The side yard is looking nice (see pic below). I’m really hoping the poppy flowers I planted come in. They’re “Jimi Purple Haze” poppies. I suspect I planted them a bit too late and may have planted the seeds a bit too deep. Maybe I’m worrying too much. All in my brain. Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why . . .

I have a ton of walking onions taking a stroll in the side garden. Thing is, I don’t know what one does with walking onions. They’re striking, however, this time of year: straight as steel, deep green, nice bulb on top. If you look to the left of the pic, you’ll see various lettuces. They’re all volunteers.

Nifty factoid from Reddit’s “Today I Learned” thread: “TIL of the speed camera lottery in Stockholm, Sweden. Drive at or under the speed limit and you’ll be entered into a lottery where the prize fund comes from the fines that speeders pay. Average speed reduced from 32km/h to 25km/h (a reduction of 22%).” It then links to this 2010 article from Wired.

Giving virtue a bad name: Cake decorator “wouldn’t write Summa Cum Laude on graduation cake due to profanity, SC family says.” Link.

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misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

Memorial Day weekend is almost here. Marie and the kids abandon me for the weekend so they can go bird watching with Marie’s family. I have the option of going, too, of course, but I’d rather slam my genitals in a car door, so I’ll be flying solo. I’d rather have my family here, but I’ve developed my own sole traditions. One night, I drink a lot of gin while cleaning and organizing my office, so I have a “clean deck” going into summer. One night, I go out to eat with mom. I also do one outdoor improvement project. I also catch up on some reading and watch movies or TV shows I’ve been meaning to watch.

misc-rambling-picOn tap for this year: (1) Spreading wood chips at the produce site, if the tree-cutting service comes through and drops a load this week. I need to get a “before and after” picture of the site. I think these wood chips are really going to make it look nice. (2) “Taboo,” a British TV show starring Tom Hardy. I hope I can figure out how to turn on the closed captioning. Hardy often speaks with such a severe British accent, I can’t understand him. (3) Golden Buddha Chinese restaurant in Indiana with mom. God willing, it should be a good weekend.

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Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereI ran across a really cool program this weekend: Acorns. It’s micro-investing. For just $1.00 a month, you can tie your credit card to the program and it will round up your spare change from credit card purchases and invest it. So, for instance, if you spend $9.46 on lunch, the app will pool it with other spare change from your purchases until it reaches $5, then invest it in an account that holds an assortment of ETFs (most from Vanguard, it would appear, based on the portfolio it chose for me (based on my age, income, assets, and investment approach). I bypassed the spare change approach and simply designed a monthly amount to be invested (which costs me $2 a month). The program is free for four years if you’re in college. In addition, you can tie your credit card to the program and stores will contribute to your investment account every time you use the card at their store (Walmart, for instance, kicks in 1% of your purchases into your investment account).

Ceiling. TrastevereEmail if you’re interested in signing up. I’ll refer you and get a $5 referral fee. I try not to pander for $5, but hey, five bucks is five bucks.

Ceiling. TrastevereFunny Yanny or Laurel parody:

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Saturday Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereI walk the pre-death tightrope all the time: Just let myself go and become irrelevant or try to stay engaged. Play the Zen master or read the newspaper. Use the garden to go Siddhartha-at-the-river or look at how my investments are doing. I know the former is preferred, but I hear “Yanny.”

Ceiling. TrastevereI finally had to succumb and Google “Yanny or Laurel,” after running across the reference about a half dozen times over the past week. I admit. It’s fun and interesting.

Ceiling. TrastevereCongrats to Harry and Meghan. Glitzy coverage like this makes it clear I need to strive more for the Siddhartha thing.

Ceiling. TrastevereThe produce site is coming along. It’s been two-steps-forward-one-back this year, lots of frustrations. Year One was filled with road blocks at the beginning. The beginning of Year Two has been filled with potholes: poor weather, a grass invasion, irrigation problems. Max will bring in his first harvest tomorrow, but it’ll probably just be a greens mix: cress, spinach, kale, and lettuce. We might also have a spicy mix: tatsoi, arugula, and green wave mustard. I’ll help him decide tomorrow night what to harvest.

Ceiling. TrastevereThe heirloom phenomena might end up salvaging a chunk of my early season. By letting my lettuce beds go to seed and blowing all over the place, I have lettuce reproducing in many places. See pic below, which is from the crack between the curb and … Read the rest



This is the best booze story of the week: Austrian man jailed up for glorifying Nazism after cops found “joke” Hitler-branded wine in his home.

The man apparently thought some pro-Hitler bottles of wine were amusing, so he bought them. The Austrian state found it so hilarious, he’s doing six months in jail.

The idea of “Hitler Wine” reminds me of the 4chan joke. Mountain Dew hosted a contest to name their new flavor of Mountain Dew, saying they would give the new flavor whatever name got the most votes. 4chan voters descended on the site and voted “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong” to the top.

Mountain Dew didn’t honor the contest results. … Read the rest


*My apologies for yesterday’s glitch. I’m not sure what happened, and I’m not convinced it won’t happen again, but my hosting service and I are working through the problems.

*I’m not posting much today, for fear it won’t get any air time anyway.

*Gorgeous. How much better it’ll be under the crescent and star:

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Hump Day Rambling

I just read last night that Tom Wolfe died. I read a bit of the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. I liked it, but didn’t finish it. I might have to read it this year during vacation. The urbane but humble Terry Teachout’s tribute to Wolfe can be found here.

Remember my rant about the lack of saints in May? I discovered that yesterdat was the feast day of St. Isidore the Farmer. How embarrassing for me, especially since I planted about 75 plugs these past two days.

Ross Douthat on the Met Gala: Make Catholicism Weird Again. The Simpsons on the Met Gala:

The Simpsons did their skit years ago. Most prescient.

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