Month: September 2017


If this part is true, I’m afraid Fr. Martin has conclusively lost it:

A tweet firefight of some sort evidently followed between Fr. Martin and Fr. Thomas Petri, O.P., vice president and academic dean at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington and a regular on EWTN. On September 2, a conservative Catholic website,, tweeted: “And then this Dominican showed up and started beating @JamesMartinSJ like a rented mule. The crowd went wild.”

CatholicVote deleted the tweet—but not before Fr. Martin, again suggesting that the good-humored spiritual autobiographer was long gone, tweeted this to both CatholicVote and Petri: “Enough. I’ve reported you to Twitter. When you start talking about beating me, even in a supposedly joking way, you cross the line. Enough.”

I’m not sure I could even say the words, “I’ve reported you to Twitter” and look myself in the mirror again. Part of me actually feels bad for the guy. Geesh. … Read the rest



Alex bought me this last weekend while in Chicago. The store was giving out taste tests. He says it’s fabulous.

He and Abbie are both coming home tonight, their first trip home together since the holidays. We’re going to be drinking Eastsiders, using fresh mint from my garden:


It’s going to be a new taste sensation for me. I’ll post a review after the clouds clear. … Read the rest


misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereC.S. Lewis pointed out that the mere notice that you are enjoying something takes the joy out of it. The moment you notice you’re enjoying something, you’re no longer enjoying it, but rather, enjoying the enjoying, which isn’t at all the same thing. In the intellectual sphere, it’s the difference between being in the flow and concentrating. In the spiritual realm, it’s the difference between ecstasy and praying. All six of those things (enjoying/noticing the enjoying; flow/concentrating; ecstasy/praying) are good, but the former in each pair is far, far better. It’s a Zen thing. And one that every selfie-obsessed mongrel ought to consider.

Ceiling. TrastevereFrom a TDE reader: “A religious sister said she had messages from Mary as “Our Lady of America” starting in the 1950s (at Kniepp Springs, Rome City, Indiana). Later she was in a convent [in NW Ohio], until the religious order dissolved the cloister. Then she and two other sisters lived in a secluded location near Fostoria, Ohio. There’s quite a convoluted tale of legal battles.” Link and Link. Rome City is very close to me. Beautiful place. It’s so pretty, I’m surprised Indiana’s gay community hasn’t taken it over.

Ceiling. TrastevereGreatly enjoying: “Long Strange Trip,” a documentary about the Grateful Dead that was produced by Scorcese. I’m up to the 1980s, when the Dead toured constantly and fans started bringing recording equipment to the concerts. The record company wanted to shut down the practice, but the band refused, saying they weren’t going to play cop. The bootleg recordings dramatically increased the Dead’s following, and sales of their records skyrocketed. A record company executive said it was marketing … Read the rest


Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereI really like to see the NFL taking it in the shorts like this. It should’ve happened years ago, with their hubristic “Pink October,” but I’ll take it any way I can get it. The League is so arrogant, anything negative isn’t negative enough. Angry NFL Fans Lash Out, Burn Jerseys Over Protests: “You Can Take Your NFL And Shove It”

Ceiling. TrastevereI heard some leftist-type criticize Trump for politicizing sports. I was stunned: an ally of Saul Alinsky disciples, for whom everything is political all the time, criticizing Trump for politicizing something. That would be like Hitler criticizing Stalin for being too hard on the Slavs.

Ceiling. TrastevereI personally don’t think Trump should’ve gotten involved, but it’s kinda like watching one bully chest-up a meaner bully. You don’t condone the violence either way, but it’s good to see someone do the dirty work, even if you wish it weren’t your president, who, really, ought to be above such things.

Ceiling. TrastevereAnd as long as we’re on sports, did you see this feel-good story of the day yesterday? Two Years After Embracing Racial Protests, Mizzou Football Is A Dumpster Fire. And heck, it’s not just the football program: The whole university has taken it on the chin, according to the New York Times (who, at the time, applauded the activists). Enrollment had been climbing when the protests broke out. Now, they have seven empty dorms, layoffs, and other problems associated with declining enrollment.

Ceiling. TrastevereI have a friend who prides himself on never, ever, making a value judgment or moral call. No matter how perverse or wrong something is, he insists on taking a strictly practical … Read the rest


misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereGavin McInnes has joined CRTV, which is the conservative TV “network”on the Internet. The show is called “Get Off My Lawn,” and it focuses on rehabilitating fatherhood.

Ceiling. TrastevereMcInnes thnks CRTV is going to get huge, and he wants to be a part of it. I suspect he’s right. There is a big need for neutral or conservative outlets, hence the rise of Gab, CRTV, and others.

Ceiling. TrastevereWe finally had a variegated harvest yesterday: lettuce mix, spinach, tatsoi, mustard, turnips, radishes, and beets. The orders were good, but it’s odd: the lettuce mix orders were better. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed this: If we only have the lettuce mix available, we’re lucky to sell a pound worth. If we have other produce, the sales of the lettuce mix are better. It reminds me of the farmers market adage: “Pile it high and watch if fly.” Customers intuitively want to buy from plenitude. … Read the rest