Month: May 2017


President Trump is still on his big overseas trip. Today, he arrived in Israel and landed in Tel Aviv. Then when they welcomed him to Tel Aviv, Trump said, “Who’s Aviv and what am I supposed to tell him?”

I saw that today Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave Trump a 150-year-old bible. Which got awkward when Trump autographed it and gave it back to him.

Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem. His staff said he was praying but people nearby heard him counting Mississippi.… Read the rest


Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereRussell Kirk had a devotion to the Shroud of Turin. I find the whole thing utterly fascinating. And so does Fr. Spitzer. If you’re curious to know what kind of cosmic radiation (my phrase) could form that image, check out the Shroud information at the Magis Center.

Ceiling. TrastevereI need to spend more time at the Magis Center website. It has lots of great stuff. It’s largely science-driven, and science is emphatically not among my areas of knowledge, but based on what I’ve seen, even a scientific lunkhead like me can appreciate its content. … Read the rest


misc-rambling-picMiscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereFive more days until the holiday weekend. It has become Work Weekend for me. My entire family deserts me to go bird watching, so I use the time to get caught up at the office and the garden. I honestly don’t know how people with children have time to spend three full days watching birds after the busy-ness that is every May, but hey, to each their own. I consider the three days of “work leisure” one of the best weekends of the year. I can feel the pressure drain from me as I position myself for a better summer.

Ceiling. TrastevereOn this week’s agenda: Soccer game, two (not one) senior class sports banquets, two band concerts. I really resent these assaults of the Social Gods of Busy-ness, but I’ve been trying to live by Paul’s exhortations in Colossians 3, especially “And be thankful.” Even though the multitude of events are overkill, I can be thankful of obvious things: I’m healthy enough to attend; my children; and, my favorite when reminded to be thankful, the fact that I don’t have a pit bull permanently latched onto my genitals.

Ceiling. TrastevereMy favorite discovery this spring: The Eric Metaxas Show. I know I mentioned the show just last week, but I listened to it a lot the past couple of days, and it is quickly becoming my favorite podcast. I guess I’m stunned that a show … Read the rest



Man, it’s everything I can do not to drink myself into a coma. Everything is intense: from work to garden to work again.

I finally knocked off work last night at 7:30, gardened for an hour, then watched the 2006 Showtime hit, Dexter, with Marie and Michael. It’s a good show.

It was made better by trying Bud Light’s Mixx Tail cocktails. Long-time TDE readers know I loathe anything and everything about Bud Light, from its pro-gay agenda to its taste. Back when I drank beer, I equated Bud Light with people who rock out to Bon Jovi, chicks in the eighties who liked Camaros, and homosexuals.

But that Mixx Tail stuff wasn’t half bad.

I first had the Hurricane. I liked it. I’m sure it sucks next to what you find in New Orleans, but for a drink Marie found on clearance six months ago? It was pretty good.

I then tried the Firewalker: a red hot cinnamon apple cocktail. I was hoping it would taste like Hot Tamales candy with vodka, but no such luck. That being said, it was really decent. Spicy, a bit hot, tasted good . . . imparted a decent buzz. Good enough for me to have two.

I give Mixx Tail a “5,” as far as mixed drinks go. I’d far rather have a cocktail I make myself. But for pre-fab cocktails? I give it a … Read the rest



“[O]ur five transcendental desires for perfect truth, love, goodness, beauty, and being (home) will continue to affect us whether we acknowledge them or not. We will still want to know everything about everything, even if we abandon the pursuit of truth; still desire perfect love, even if we think it does not exist; still desire perfect justice and goodness, even if we have been disappointed by people’s conduct and the judicial system; still desire perfect beauty, even if we believe it is unattainable; and still desire perfect being (home), even if we believe that there is nothing beyond us but emptiness and darkness.” Robert Spitzer. … Read the rest