Month: October 2016


Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereAnother Halloween is upon us. And my streak of 21 straight years of trick-or-treating is getting snapped. Meg (15) wants to take Max (13) and Tess (11) out tonight. I thought the little kids would be disappointed, but no. I think their reaction was, “Okay. Doesn’t matter to us. We just want to get a lot of candy.” So I’ve been kicked to the curb. I’m just mad Meg didn’t want to do it last year when it was raining.

Ceiling. TrastevereSlow blogging winds blowing ahead. I’m going to be doing some traveling. More details will follow later.

Ceiling. TrastevereGay Trump supporter? The LGBT community will bully you. Liberals are such freakin’ hypocrites. They’ve spent four hundred years decrying Christians for being hypocrites, normally because human nature makes it impossible to live up to the Christian ideal, then they turn around and behave hypocritically simply because they don’t like someone’s political position. The left is despicable: always has been, always will be. It’s in their DNA.

Ceiling. TrastevereIf you and your buddies are looking for a group costume, this one would be pretty easy yet scare: Picture of Led Zeppelin circa 1970. … Read the rest

Everyone, remember what the Fifth Amendment says: no person “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” This is the administration’s ATTORNEY GENERAL saying she’s taking the Fifth! She’s saying, “Well, I’d like to talk, but then I could be giving evidence that I engaged in criminal conduct.”

Un-freakin’-believable. Trump leaves a lot to be desired, but the Democrats’ hubris has made them rotten to the core. … Read the rest



As TDE readers know, I’m enjoying the cocktailing fad. But at some point, the drinks pass from craftsmanship to self-indulgence, kinda like the way weightlifting goes from the pursuit of health to running your hands over your oh-so-beautiful pecs.

Exhibit A: Most of the drinks featured a few days ago at 8 Perfectly Spooky Halloween Cocktails. Sample:

In this murky concoction, partner and head bartender Jim Kearns employs a favorite Halloween ingredient: activated charcoal. Known for its medicinal properties, the heated charcoal is used here to add a sultry black hue to a tropical mix of Santa Teresa 1796 rum, calamansi and orange juices, honey, ginger and arrack (a Southeast Asian beverage distilled from either coconut flowers or sugar cane). It’s served in a fittingly skull-shaped bowl filled with crushed ice, topped with sorrel and crowned with orchids and a lit votive candle.

“Activated charcoal”? What the heck? And it’s a “favorite” ingredient? To be honest, I’d like to try it (drinking it, not making it), but who comes up with such a thing . . . and then to require, among other odd ingredients, a Southeast Asian beverage distilled from coconut flowers? I didn’t even know coconuts grew flowers.

I made a new drink last night that I call “The Holiday Elf.” It’s a take-off on “Liquid Marijuana.” By my fourth drink, I think I got the ingredients down, which I’ll share at a later date, after a bit more experimentation. I thought I was being exotic because I used Midori melon liqueur. Apparently, I’ll have to urinate in it (“activated liquid excretion”) or some such thing to qualify it … Read the rest

Viewing Tonight

At 8 p.m. ET, Thursday, Oct. 27, EWTN’s “The World Over” with Host Raymond Arroyo will air an exclusive interview with Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, which will be of interest to people across the United States.

“He reveals the reason he switched his position on the life issue, talks about religious liberty, and speaks to women’s concerns about his candidacy. We also spoke about his prayer life, whether he has a favorite saint, and a lot more.”

Said Arroyo: “Honestly, this is the most relaxed I’ve ever seen him on camera. Viewers will be very interested in what he has to say.”… Read the rest