Month: May 2016


Papa John’s salads were among several hundred products recalled for listeria contamination this weekend. Said a spokesman for Papa John’s, “We have salads?”… Read the rest


Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereGardening season is obviously in full swing. I have grown from seeds all the tomatoes I’ll need. I should have extra for my neighbor. My sweet pepper sprouting, as always, has been far less successful, but I think I have about a dozen seedlings that will make it, possibly two dozen. I’ve also planted my first wave of pole beans, zucchini, and cucumber. The rest will go in a one-week intervals over the next three weeks, in hopes of providing a continuous harvest of those items for six weeks or so. We’ll see. The best laid plans . . .

Ceiling. TrastevereI rented two extra garden plots at my local Kiwanis food garden, in hopes of growing food for the poor that would be distributed by my Church’s food pantry. But wouldn’t you know it: it’s not allowed. I don’t know if it’s a government regulation or maybe a prohibition by the state-wide cooperative through which we get good prices on our food, but it’s prohibited. I was going to grow the food and simply leave notes at the food pantry, telling people they could come out and pick it themselves, but that raised concerns that the patrons would simply help themselves to (i.e., steal under color of right) produce from other plots. It is, of course, a possibility. In the words of Dorothy Day (who was, of course, a champion of the poor): … Read the rest


Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereThose pictures yesterday perfectly capture a project I’ve long thought (fantasized) about: building a local outdoor shrine. An actual “shrine,” of course, requires designation by the bishop, but it’d be a shrine in intent, if not official approval. I always thought such a thing would be good for my community, both in terms of blessings and potential tourism. I haven’t given up on the idea, not by any means, but I’m still waiting for the price of farm land to drop to reasonable levels before giving it much further thought.

Ceiling. TrastevereFunniest thing about my deceased client’s secular sanctuary: I’d long felt a special connection with him. There was something about him I really liked and I kinda felt he reciprocated the affection, even though we were primarily professional acquaintances. Maybe there was something similar inside us that values something like an outdoor sanctuary (his of secular bent, mine of Catholic: but the same bent nonetheless) and that “something” sensed a counterpart in the other person. But then again, I think over 300 people showed up for his memorial service, most of them obviously very fond of the man, so maybe he is just the kind of guy that intuitively forms ties with people.

Ceiling. TrastevereIf you didn’t see it last week, check out this piece by the American Thinker: “Charlotte Observer: Girls must overcome ‘discomfort’ at seeing male genitals in locker roomRead the rest


Due to an odd confluence of events, I ended up going to Mass by myself at this great little church yesterday evening (well, 4:00):

Mendon Church

I then trekked ten minutes south and stopped by the memorial celebration of a long-time client of mine. I had no idea he had built this enchanted place:

Omar 1

Omar 2

Omar 3

Omar 4

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Dang it! I’m kicking myself. I had a pretty good BYCU planned, then got so wrapped up in gardening and drinking last night, I forgot to blog.

So I’m going to save it. For today, I’m merely going to mention the Moscow Mule I tried last night. Instead of ginger beer, I used the Cherry Republic’s cherry ginger beer. The counter worker at the store (pictured below) said people had been raving about how good this ginger beer works for Moscow Mules, so I bought four bottles and tried it.

Those people are right. It makes a wicked Moscow Mule, with a mule-like kick. It is strong, though. Ginger burns the back of my throat a little in general. Vodka mixed with this particular ginger beer makes you really feel the bern, though the effect subsides after you’ve drank enough.

You can order their ginger “bear” on line at the link above, if you’re curious to try it. I don’t know how widely-available it is.

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American Express is suing Charlie Sheen for an unpaid credit card balance of over $200,000. How did he blow that much money? Oh, right. Answered my own question.… Read the rest


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