Month: April 2016


streetsign.jpgGraduation and the Jesuit

Abbie graduates from the University of Michigan today; Alex turns 23 today. Both are in Ann Arbor. The idea of sitting through a two-hour graduation in “The Big House” terrifies me, so I attended the Baccalaureate Mass last night with my Mom and two of my other sons, then drove back home. Groggy morning.

I met a Jesuit priest who will start working for America magazine shorting. Heckuva nice guy. A liberal, no doubt, but Abbie helped him teach RCIA, and she said he never broached politics. And this is in Ann Arbor, where a person could be left of, say, Stalin or Obama and be in the mainstream. I spoke with him for maybe four minutes, but I think he knows Jim Martin very well. I was tempted to say, “Ah, yes, I used to be a fan, but when he came out with his pro-gay lovefest in the wake of Pope Francis’ peculiar comments, I pretty much wrote him off.” But I wasn’t drinking, so I desisted.

Besides, I’m not sure I’ve been entirely fair to Fr. Martin. I went back this morning to find the Tweet that had me rolling my eyes, but I couldn’t find it. I seem to recall that he was in the “Reply” section of one of his Tweets, hammering it out with the anti-LGBT crowd, falling back on the “hate argument” with much more vitriol than becomes a Catholic priest. I was thinking he’d kinda lost it. Again, I’m not sure that’s entirely fair, but that was my impression based on some quick scanning of the online exchange. I also remember thinking, “It’s … Read the rest


IMG_3150Brews You Can Use

One of the more interesting articles about gin I’ve seen lately: 8 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Gin.

The number one “gin-consuming country in the world is the Philippines. They are responsible for almost half of the world’s global consumption. The United States, the birthplace of so many amazing gin cocktails, is actually the No. 2 market for gin in the world.”

“Gin is massively popular in Spain at the moment. The Gin & Tonic is one of the drinks of choice there, and they have taken its service to new levels. They tend to serve it in giant goblets, and there’s a lot of innovation happening with garnishes [in Spain] to make it a more inviting and interesting drink.”

“Dorothy Parker, Noël Coward, Winston Churchill, W.C. Fields, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ian Fleming (the author of James Bond who actually drinks more gin than vodka in the books), Franklin D. Roosevelt, Raymond Chandler and Charles Dickens were all well-documented lovers of gin.”

(That’s a pretty good list of drinkers, if you take out FDR, who was a well-documented ass.)

“[B]efore Fever-Tree, finding good tonic wasn’t easy. They kick-started a movement of high-quality tonic water, and now you can also find other great brands like Q and East Imperial as well.”

“[G]in is notoriously always served in cocktails. It’s the quintessential cocktail spirit and has more classic cocktails to its name then any other spirit.”… Read the rest


There is a new trend in U.K. corporate policy where employees are being given paid time off so that they can acclimate a new pet to their home. They’re calling it “pawternity” leave. You can read more about this story 10 years from now in the book about how China took over the world.… Read the rest


During his victory speech last night Donald Trump dismissed the idea of facing a contested convention, saying, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s over.” And by “it,” I assume he means civilization as we know it.… Read the rest


I wasn’t going to vote for Trump, but according to Catholic radio this morning, he said last night that we need to do much, much more for the Middle East Christians and we need to stop the in-flow of non-citizen Muslims.

The man may have just gotten my vote.

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A teacher in Arkansas is in trouble for giving alcohol to underage students. But to be fair, just because you’re in fifth grade in Arkansas, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re under 21.

In a new interview, Ted Cruz said, “I’ve changed a lot of diapers.” After hearing this, Bernie Sanders made him his running mate.… Read the rest


Islamic Books

What the hell has Europe done to itself?

“On the heels of State Department spokesman John Kirby’s renewed proclamation that “US is committed to admitting more refugees,” we thought this brief clip from France’s picturesque Mantes La Jolie (in the western suburbs of Paris) – Europe’s largest “ghetto” – would be useful…” Link.

I believe the U.S. (with its Western allies’ support) and its incessant war-making and bomb-dropping are responsible for the refugees, but does that mean we have to destroy European culture in compensation? I know the refugees are sad charity cases, but do we have to surrender western civilization to adherents of a religion that has been violent toward western civilization from the very beginning and that has never stopped hating the West?

The answer is “no.” Make reparations, stop the bombing, do whatever is just. But don’t commit suicide. Be Peter, not Judas. … Read the rest