Month: February 2014


Trapping Money

Paradoxically, it is in your own self-interest to forget your self-interest.

That, and other great observations, can be found in this story about the business success of Trappist monks.


If you’re interested in this line of thought for the layman, I recommend Francis Fernandez.

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A teenager grabs a can of pop from the fridge, throws it in his lunch bag, and runs off to school. He unpacks his lunch and discovers that he accidentally packed a beer. He takes it to a teacher. Fascism ensues:

When he realized his mistake at school, Chaz gave the unopened beer to his teacher. But that teacher then reported it to the principal at Livingston High School, who suspended the boy for three days and then sent him to an alternative school for two months.


If he’d grabbed a six-pack of condoms and had them in his lunch, he would be applauded for his maturity. … Read the rest


“A former Target employee is accusing the store of hiring only attractive people as managers. Apparently he’s talking about a Target store I have never been to.”

“In California the owner of a Christian medical marijuana dispensary says God told him to sell pot. The dispensary owner said it’s right there in the book of Dude-eronomy.”… Read the rest



If you needed any further proof that MSM journalism is a joke, here it is: “His first television show has only been on the air for three days, but Ronan Farrow is already winning awards for his journalistic work. Reach the World, a global education group, will honor the 26-year-old Farrow with its annual Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism.” Link. … Read the rest


A great passage from The Freeman Book. It’s from a review-essay of the Letters of Ambrose Bierce, by Van Wyck Brooks:

San Francisco, his home for a quarter of a century, he describes as “the paradise of ignorance, anarchy and general yellowness. . . . It needs,” he remarks elsewhere, “another quake, another whiff of fire, and—more than all else—a steady trade wind of grapeshot.” It was this latter—grapeshot is just the right word—that Bierce himself poured into that “moral penal colony,” the worst, as he avers, “of all the Sodoms and Gomorrahs in our modern world”; and his collection of satirical epigrams shows us how much he detested it.

Both perceptive and prescient, that Bierce.

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