Month: August 2009

Return Eudemon

I took one last vacation/long weekend with Marie and The Seven last week. We went to my parents’ cottage on Lake Huron. I got back yesterday. I’ll try to return to regular blogging Tuesday, but in case I can’t, I’ve programmed a few pictures to go up.

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Free iPod Poor Man App

NotesI’ve been vacationing in Alpena, Michigan. I return today. Regular posting will hopefully resume tomorrow morning.

Ever since getting my iPhone, I’ve been looking for Catholic devotional applications. I haven’t had much luck, so I created my own.

If you own an iPhone, it’s simple to do: You cut-and-paste prayers and meditations into an email message to your iPhone email address. You then cut-and-paste the body of the email into the “Notes” application (one of the handful of applications that, I believe, automatically comes with every new iPhone). Hit “Done. Now the material is always at your fingertips. I keep Eucharistic prayers and various religious quotes there. It has worked out well.

If you want an assortment of prayers and meditations, let me know. I’ll send them to you. Email link on the left. Many of the meditations are simply taken from previous “Something for Sunday Morning” posts. … Read the rest

Hudge and Gudge sighting

One of the best articles I’ve seen on the whole Fed Reserve issue. Excerpt:

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Winner…

When one considers the possibility that the Fed Chairman actually works for the banks, all the pieces begin falling into place.

It’s only natural, after all, given that the original mandate of the Fed was to preserve banking stability. It is the Federal Reserve’s job, first and foremost, to make sure that the U.S. financial system (and by extension the executives who stride atop it) perseveres through all economic storms.

In principle, the good of the country and the good of the U.S. financial system are supposed to be one and the same thing. In practice, the two can be at odds, sometimes dramatically so.

The charade of pretending that the two considerations are one and the same, though, is a key aspect of the brilliant bait-and-switch job foisted upon us all. Whenever a Fed (or Treasury) official’s actions can be wrapped in the guise of “saving the system,” it is implied that said action was undertaken for the good of everyone. Ha!

What’s more, not all bankers are created equal… as with seating arrangements in the king’s court, it is always better to be closer to the throne. Given their combination of heft, gravitas and “too big to fail” status, the top four banking institutions probably wield more power and influence than the next 40 combined. And beyond that, no man’s land. One can trace out the priorities of the Fed and Treasury in real time by observing how the giant money center banks get attended to hand and foot. The Bumbershoot Bank … Read the rest


“You can still find an old English prayerbook with the passage, ‘Guard us from the Northmen.'”

Adams, For Good and Evil, p 159, writing about Viking incursions.
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Brews You Can Use

Another drinking public service: Thrillist.

Let us help you find free booze.

Thrillist, a free daily email, sifts through the crap to find your city’s best events, including sweet open bars all over town.

Each day, you’ll get info on open bars, happy hours, restaurant openings, and other killer events. Whatever it is, we promise it won’t suck.

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