Month: June 2007

Candid Tuesday

You don’t often see this type of candor anymore:

I was sufficiently ebullient to consume half a bottle of brandy after dinner. On the way back from dropping off the babysitter I drove our car into the side of a telephone pole. My wife was already safe at home. I didn’t care. I was happy.

John Lukacs, Remembered Past, p. 665. … Read the rest

Something for an Otherwise-Distracted Day

But America has no porn problem:

Hard-core videos now cater to almost every conceivable predilection–and to some that are hard to imagine. There are gay videos and straight videos, bondage videos and spanking videos, tickling videos, interracial videos, and videos like Count Footula, for people whose fetish is feet. There are ‘she-male’ videos featuring transsexuals and ‘cat-fighting’ videos in which naked women wrestle one another or join forces to beat up naked men. . . . There are hard-core videos for senior citizens, for sadomasochists, for people fond of verbal abuse. The sexual fantasies now being sold are far too numerous to list.

Eric Schlosser, Reefer Madness, p. 169.… Read the rest

Brews You Can Use

Nothing but drinking posts. Which fits my plans for the next couple of days:

How to make wine out of common household items.

Just in time for summer, but of course, the 18th-amendment lovers aren’t happy:

It might be one of the great alcoholic innovations of the 21st century – the frozen beer pop, served by an Alexandria restaurateur and bar owner in a variety of sizes and flavors like “Raspbeer-y” and “fudgesicle.”

But state regulators say the beer-sicles run afoul of rules governing the serving and pouring of beer.

Another link to same story.

Pizza beer. I posted a link to this story earlier, but it’s newsworthy enough for a second run.

Noteworthy: A beer aficionado endorses an Anheuser-Busch product. Excerpt:

Another Anheuser-Busch seasonal specialty is out: Beach Bum Blonde Ale. It’s a repeat from last year, but this is tasting better to me than the ones I tasted in Idaho last summer; more hop, more overall flavor, but still crisp, light, and drinkable: just what you’d want from a summer beer.


The latest issue of Brew Magazine, “The Innovation Code,” looks at five of the biggest innovations in the business over the past three decades.


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Account from South Carolina

A long-time friend moved to South Carolina. He’s a mortician. He got the call to pick up one of the firefighters killed in the tragedy earlier this week. This is his email:

I went to the Medical University today to pick up our guy. It was unreal.

They closed the roads in downtown Charleston for me to arrive at 2pm. I get there, and there are scores of police and firefighters waiting for me. Six firefighters accompanied me to the morgue; when I loaded his body up, they walked out with me – 3 firefighters on each side of the stretcher and everybody saluted as I loaded him in the hearse.

On the way back to the funeral home, I had 12 police bikes leading me and two fire trucks behind me. The police blocked ALL exits on I-26 (three lanes) and it was just me in the hearse, lead by police and followed by firetrucks for the 25 minute drive back to the funeral home in Summerville. NO CARS were allowed on the interstate for the entire trip, including all streets blocked with officers saluting as we drove down Main street to the funeral home.

People lined the streets, news crews with cameras, etc.; it gave me goose bumps. When I returned to the funeral home, there were volunteer firefighters lining the route to the funeral home and six more firefighters helped me get

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Quick-Hitting Eudemon

For whatever reason, my comment boxes have been disabled. We’re working on it.

On rednecks. Excerpt:

Rednecks, as Bageant explains in detail, are dumber than dirt. They’re not bad people. You can heist a brew with them and talk about NASCAR and gobble wings and, with a little effort, come away liking them. But they don’t know squat. They are easily suckered by real-estate scammers and corporate con artists. The level of genuine illiteracy in America is much higher than most think. Add people who can barely read, and therefore don’t, and have never read a book in their lives, and you get a disconcerting number.


Lawyer will now defend those who’ve been victimized by space alients. Excerpt:

“There are no legal grounds to put somebody in a psychiatric hospital because he was a victim of aliens,” said Lorek.

“The state is socially responsible, even for alien shamans, if they cannot protect them from abduction.”

He went on: “Aliens stick needles in their victims’ genitals and interfere with their organs. Since 1961 there have been tens of thousands of alien abductions.”

I’ve never bought into the idea of life in outer space, but given the risks highlighted in that last paragraph, my concern is now officially heightened.

Best story of the day:

A drunken woman had to be pulled out of a freshly-laid road after falling into an asphalt

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The Wednesday Eudemon

Rosie is looking at “The Price is Right.” Maybe she’s interested in those backstage perks that Bob was rumored to enjoy.

Kinda neat: Catholic Business Owners.

Next time use your foot to, like, stomp on the spark. It’s a vigorous up-and-down motion known to suddenly take away the oxygen necessary for a fire to spread:

A US golfer who hit a bad shot inadvertently started a 20 acre brush fire.

The golfer had knocked his ball into the grass outside Wildcreek golf course, near Reno, Nevada.

When he tried to play back to the fairway, his club struck something that created a spark that started the fire.


Pretty wild: Crazy freeway interchanges.

freeway interchange.jpg

A couple of items from the current issue of The Atlantic. It’s a triumvirate of unsurprising information, but interesting nonetheless because it confirms things I would’ve assumed:

Although we live in the information age, a new Pew Research Center study suggests that the American public is no better informed than it was before round-the-clock cable news and the Internet invaded our homes.


Can married soldiers breathe easier when they’re parted from their spouses? The men can, but the study found that the risk of divorce for female service members, particularly enlisted women, is several times the risk for their male counterparts. Men, it seems, have a harder time waiting at home for the

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