Month: January 2007

Global Warming to Elvis

Drudge this morning has links about a new global warming study that comes out Friday. If people don’t believe the scientists, it’s the scientists fault for cranking out so much hokum the past 50 or more years. The ordinary people who buy into global warming the most normally don’t know whether the evidence is accurate. They just read the scientists who have proven unreliable in the past. It’s a question of authority: how much and what type of authority do you need? Have you looked through the telescope to see the thinning ozone? If so, have you personally gone through the evidence to determine whether such thinning is cyclical? I’m not saying a person has to do these things in order to form an opinion. I am saying, however, that proof in any area is a tricky thing and especially so in science where there are myriads of factors to consider. If we don’t have an authority to trust, it’s virtually impossible to know or trust anything.

It may sound odd (or stupid), but I’ll rely on the Vatican statements on this issue. Although the Vatican has no special graces when it comes to science (its binding authority on Catholics is limited to faith, morals, and discipline), it has some of the best scientists at its disposal, and it normally (not always) has no agenda to protect when it comes to scientific questions.

Another person has decided to address the great embarrassment that is American Christianity: pornography among the faithful. Reminds me of the Christian men’s conference at a hotel. After the weekend was over, the hotel manager revealed that the most-watched in-room … Read the rest

The Tuesday Eudemon

I’m nearly speechless:

A 12-year-old German boy who insisted he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body convinced his parents that something had to be done, so they agreed to allow him to receive a series of hormone injections, making him the youngest sex-change patient in the world, according to published reports Monday.

The homosexuals want to push queerness at the younger ages (witness their efforts to promote teen queeridity), but I can’t believe they’ll rally around this young guyl. Then again, nothing in that other world surprises me anymore.

Be careful. People will stop supersizing:

[McDonald’s] has settled upon a new formula for its frying oil. Replacing its partially hydrogenated soybean oil will be a trans-fat-free frying oil made from canola, corn and soybeans, says spokesman William Whitman.

Supersized fries are one of the best things that happened for our family vacations. A couple of supersized fries covers all nine of us. I just wish bars offered supersized beers for a similar price increase.

Air America might get back on its feet. Air America Radio, in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings since October, will be rescued at the 11th hour by Manhattan real estate developer Stephen L. Green. You don’t hear it discussed much on the MSM, but the failure of the left to come up with a popular liberal counterpart to Rush and Co. is a source of embarrassment . . . and consternation. What is it about the radio demographic that they can’t capture/appeal to? Here’s one hunch: People listen to radio in their cars. People are in their cars during the day in connection with work. Therefore, the … Read the rest

Vegas and Marching Band Max

I don’t post many pictures of my children, primarily because I don’t want to bore people. But I thought I’d pass along these two pictures of Max (3). He’s in his “marching band” outfit:

Marching Band Max III.jpg

Marching Band Max.jpg

The heck if we can figure out why the red bib is part of the outfit, and the Dr. Seuss-ish hat is an insult to band members everywhere, but there it is. If I could figure out the mind of a three-year-old, I could move mountains.

On the seedier side of life: “The Diocese of Las Vegas placed Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic Church priest George Chaanine on administrative leave as police investigated a Friday evening assault at the church, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Sunday.” I’m not much interested in the story. The church’s name cracks me up, though. “Our Lady of Las Vegas.” Who’s its patron saint? I think Ignatius of Loyola had a gambling problem as a youth. Maybe it’s him. (“Las Vegas,” incidentally, means “The Meadows” or “The Grasslands” acc’d to Wikipedia; I never knew that.)

Epic Movie was the weekend’s box office winner. It looks like one of the most miserable pieces of trash ever crafted by the hands of Satan, so I looked up Yahoo! user reviews, starting at the bottom. Pretty funny stuff (though not as good as some of the criticism I saw after that Van Helsing–one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen):

Anyone that liked this movie must be pre-teen or had recent head trauma. I could feel my intelligence level dropping with every passing minute. . . .


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Something for Sunday Morning

Those who pass through the mystical water in Baptism must put to death in the water the whole phalanx of evil—such as covetousness, unbridled desire, rapacious thinking, the passion of conceit and arrogance, wild impulse, wrath, anger, malice, envy, and all such things. Since the passions naturally pursue our nature, we must put to death in the water both the base movements of the mind and the acts which issue from them.

He who would approach the knowledge of things sublime must first purify his manner of life from all sensual and irrational emotion. He must wash from his understanding every opinion derived from his customary intercourse with his own companion, that is, with his sense perceptions, which are, as it were, wedded to our nature as its companion.

St. Gregory of Nyssa… Read the rest

The Weekend Eudemon

Nice weekend so far. I chatted with Lino Rulli on Sirius Radio from 4:20 to 4:40, then met my wife, parents, and friends at the drinking club for two tall glasses of Anchor Stream on tap. We ate dinner there, then rented The Illusionist and watched it with the kids. I give it a 7. It was a clever movie, but not clever enough. I don’t think they played fairly, in the sense that they withheld evidence from the viewer to achieve their surprise ending (not like The Sixth Sense, which, I think, put all the clues out there, but still delivered a shocker). All but two minutes are clean enough for the youngest children.

I’m having a hard time coming up with a witty line that’s not also filthy:

An event billed as “Porn and Pancakes” is being hosted by a church in rural upstate New York. The breakfast discussion on the pornography industry in America is planned next month at the Living Word Assembly of God Church in the town of Ontario, in rural Wayne County about ten miles east of Rochester. . . . Organizers tell Rochester’s WHEC TV that the February 10th event will be an honest discussion about pornography and its impact on society. The discussion will be led by Triple-X Church, a group of youth ministers who travel the country talking about porn and the porn industry.

Actually, Triple-X Church knows the price of porn. I suspect it’ll be a solid breakfast outing.

Is she still hot?

This week Italian historian Giuseppe Pallanti announced the discovery that the woman depicted in Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting

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I just published a piece with Tech Central Station about multi-tasking with the cell phone, using my experience and Marshall McLuhan. Those interested in McLuhan (and maybe some others) might find it interesting. Excerpt:

I like multitasking, if it’s the right kind. Reading a book while waiting for laundry to dry: smart multi-tasking. Reading a book while interviewing for a job: dumb multi-tasking. Ordering a Pabst while the head on your Guinness settles: fun multi-tasking. Dictating a book to a secretary while handwriting an article: extraordinary multi-tasking (and pulled off by precious few, like G.K. Chesterton; his hero, Thomas Aquinas, could keep six scribes going at once).

What about multi-tasking with the cell phone?

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The Drinking Eudemon

Catholic Exchange has one of my favorite articles up this morning. “Three Degrees of the Sporting Life.”

I am glutton and gluttony is me.

I know, gluttony is one of the deadly sins. Gluttony and its sibling sins (lust, avarice, watching Jerry Springer) lead to other sins.

But that didn’t stop me when my parents handed down their old big-screen TV. I plopped it in my basement… a full eleven inches from my 28-inch TV. Both are hooked up to cable. Both receive Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, TNT, and every other sports cable channel except the NFL Network. Both are situated within fifty feet of my beer refrigerator and a bathroom. . . .

It first ran in Catholic Men’s Quarterly. I’ll be discussing it this evening on Sirius Radio, Channel 159 Entertainment, at 4:20, on Lino Rulli’s show “The Catholic Guy.” My drinking club subscribes to Sirius, and the manager (a friend of mine, and not just because he controls five tap handles) says he’s going to tune it in. I might have to stroll out afterwards and see how I did.

The ACLU continues to take the high road: “A high school art teacher has hired the ACLU to challenge his firing after a video of him moonlighting as a “butt-printing artist” was widely circulated among his high school students.”

More NBC programming?

So much for God and country, at least during some in-flight showings of the Oscar-nominated movie “The Queen.” That’s because all mentions of God are bleeped out of a version of the film given to some commercial airlines.

Nope, it’s not a … Read the rest

Miscellaneous Eudemon

Odd feast day today: The Conversion of St. Paul. It’s odd because it’s an event. The major feasts (Christmas, Easter, etc.) are also events, but most non-obligatory feast days are saint feast days (St. John, St. Thomas, St. John Kennedy [for my Boston readers], etc.).

Wrote St. John Chrysostom of St. Paul: “[I]n being loved by Christ he thought of himself as possessing life, the world, the angels, present and future, the kingdom, the promises and countless blessings. Apart from that love nothing saddened or delighted him; for nothing earthly did he regard as bitter or sweet.”

According to Chrysostom (a man whose opinion I rather trust), St. Paul is all about love. Not surprising, Paul wrote the “love is not jealous, love is . . .” verses that I heard at 99% of the weddings I attend. It’s quite odd that the sexual libertines in our culture have labeled him a man of hate.

In response to my post yesterday regarding goths, a reader sends me this. Christian Goths. I glanced through their site, and I’m not sure I understand their point. They love darkness because it’s broken up with the light of Christ, I guess, but that doesn’t seem to make sense. That’s like loving drunkenness because I’ll be sober tomorrow. The question is, is the darkness/drunkenness good in itself? If not, you shouldn’t relish it.

But I’m wasting my time. Better stuff:

The 2002 documentary movie about Marshall McLuhan, McLuhan’s Wake, is out on DVD. I’ll have to check it out, but I’ll probably wait until I can get it used.

The American Idol fury continues. First, people said … Read the rest