Month: August 2006

Forced Conversion

The Fox reporters had to convert to Islam or die. How does that work for a Christian? Jimmy Akin breaks it down, and does an excellent job. Excerpt:

If, therefore, a Muslim terrorist has kidnapped you and is threatening to kill you if you are a Christian and insist on remaining one, you would be morally able to use silence, misdirection, and mental reservations to protect one’s life. One can never deny the truth–that Jesus Christ is the Son of God–but one can use morally legitimate means to preserve one’s life as long as the truth is not denied.

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Meth Bust

Federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities in North Georgia have reported a record seizure of about 341 pounds of suspected crystal methamphetamine at a residence in Gainesville, Ga.

The find breaks a previous record seizure of 187 pounds of meth made just two weeks ago in Buford, Ga., officials said.


I can’t wait to hear the defendants’ attorneys plead that felony charges are inappropriate because it was only for personal use.

Meth is nasty stuff. Some people think the stories about its damaging effects are just scare hype. I disagree. I can’t speak to the scientific angles, but I’ve seen meth ruin a lot of marriages and lives. It’s terribly addicting and personality-altering.

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The CNN Story

I assume everyone has heard this by now, but just in case (this story is too good not to mention):

Her “loving” husband emerged pretty well, but her “control freak” of a sister-in-law is probably less amused, after a CNN presenter left her microphone on while chatting to a colleague in the toilets.

Viewers who tuned into Tuesday’s edition of “Live From …” to watch President George W. Bush in New Orleans were instead treated to the president competing for attention with anchor Kyra Phillips giving a lavatory low down on her family.

I doubt it really matters. Does anyone watch CNN anymore? The MSM always gets down on Fox News for biased covearge, but Fox is merely the counterpoise to CNN. Plus, Fox has a lot of “lefty” commentators. The lefties don’t completely restore balance, but it’s more than a token effort. CNN scarcely makes even a token effort: It’s all left, all the time, and the funny thing is, I don’t think they see it.

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E-mail Gone Wild

RadioShack Corp. notified about 400 workers by e-mail that they were being dismissed immediately as part of planned job cuts.


You don’t need McLuhan to decipher the effects of media on those 400 workers. One commentator thinks it might be dehumanizing. I think “insulting” is a better word. What goes through a worker’s head when he gets that? “What about COBRA?” “Do I just pack up and leave now?” “The CEO must know I was sleeping with his daughter.”

Softening fact: Workers were told in meetings that cutbacks were coming and the news would be delivered electronically. That helps a lot. But I bet the “You got mail!” tingle on employees’s computers was pretty intense for awhile.

But no matter how you cut it, e-mail probably isn’t the best medium for such things. E-mail also doesn’t work well in other situations:

*Breaking up with a girlfriend;

*Notifying co-workers that the building is on fire;

*Marriage proposals;

*Telling a friend that his wife is having an affair.

But e-mail is very good in these situations:

*Breaking up with a girlfriend because you have VD and may have given it to her;

*Notifying co-workers that you set the building on fire while trying to smoke a joint in the paper-shredding room;

*Breaking off a marriage proposal because you’ve decided to try the gay lifestyle for awhile;

*Telling a friend that his wife is having an affair with you.… Read the rest

No God Spot?

From LiveScience:

The human brain does not contain a single “God spot” responsible for mystical and religious experiences, a new study finds.

Instead, the sense of union with God or something greater than the self often described by those who have undergone such experiences involves the recruitment and activation of a variety brain regions normally implicated in different functions such as self-consciousness, emotion and body representation.

The finding, detailed in the current issue of Neuroscience Letters, contradicts previous suggestions by other researchers that the there might be a specific region in the brain designed for communication with God.

What it means

“The main goal of the study was to identify the neural correlates of a mystical experience,” said study leader Mario Beauregard of the University of Montreal in Canada. “This does not diminish the meaning and value of such an experience, and neither does it confirm or disconfirm the existence of God.”

I’m unqualified to talk about neurological issues, but suffice it to say: I would find it suprising if a spiritual reality could be tracked down by any material methods, whether it’s an effort to find the God Spot or a swarming of regions in the brain.

I wish I had time to track down better-informed commentary on this issue, but I’m simply pressed for time this morning. If anyone sees any good articles/commentary on this, please let me know (emai link on left).… Read the rest


Light blogging today. I’m busier than a tornado in a trailer park. A few quick bites, though:

*The prosecutors dropped the case against the Ramsey confessor faster than they drop drunk driving cases against Kennedys.

*The new Gilbert Magazine is out. Read about it at Chesterton and Friends.

*It’s the feast of St. John the Baptist. These two days (August 28th and 29th) might have the best one-two saint punch of the year.… Read the rest

William Morris

I watched Drumline with my family Saturday night. It’s a movie about a glitzy marching band at an historically-black school in the South (a fictional school, “Atlanta A&T”) and its battle with another black school (Morris Brown). It was decent (I’d give it a C+). I Googled it Sunday morning and came up with this interesting statement:

While Morris Brown is a real and prestigious college in Atlanta, there is no real Atlanta A&T. The filming was done at Clark University in Atlanta and at Morris Brown.

How prestigious is Morris Brown? I Googled some more and found this:

This website marks the united efforts of college students, administrators, alumni, and concerned individuals alike to help in the task of saving Morris Brown College. On December 9, 2002 the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools rescinded the accreditation of Morris Brown College, one of our nations’ oldest historically black colleges.

I got quite a chuckle at the juxtaposition of reality against political correctness, wishful thinking, and/or sloppy research. The decline of such an old school with so much heritage is sad, but a school that loses accreditation (in an era when accreditation has been given to an incredible number–thousands?–of colleges and universities) shouldn’t be called “prestigious,” even if the lost of accreditation was partly the fault of financial misconduct by its administrators. … Read the rest