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What’s Happening at TDE?

Highlighting the Traditional TDE Blog

A reader contacted me yesterday, noting that TDE didn’t have any new content for a few days. I was like, “What? Yes, it has. Did you check out the traditional TDE blog?”

He hadn’t. He didn’t realize I had re-launched the old TDE, albeit in a slightly different format.

Perhaps I didn’t adequately emphasize this “new old” feature when I launched it.

In the upper-righthand corner of the TDE site, there is now a “widget” (that’s what they call it) set up just to run short posts in the vein of the old Daily Eudemon. If you’ve been reading TDE over the years, you know what this means: posts about anything that grabs my attention.

It’s fairly low effort on my part, but it is “authentic,” in the sense that I post about things that interest me at the moment. It can be almost anything, ranging from gardening (big this time of year) to economics to religion to politics. That’s why the subtitle of the “new old” feature is “Whimsy on Steroids Since 2004.”

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Seven Days Make One Weak

GameStop, Tolkien, and Re-booted TWE

The GameStop short game has been great fun.

But it opened my eyes to the Byzantine relationships on Wall Street, relationships and dealings so complex that the average guy can’t even take the time to try to understand them. It opened my eyes to see that I don’t get it myself.

ZeroHedge broke it down the best it could figure. It’s complicated, but it appears to come down to this: Due to regulations put in place by Dodd Frank, Robin Hood had to post proof of liquidity that it didn’t have due to the short squeeze, and at least one of its backers was one of the hedge funds getting squeezed and couldn’t help them, so Robin Hood was (is?) in trouble.

 So, it wasn’t a case of Wall Street protecting their own. It was a case of Robin Hood trying to survive.

But that doesn’t explain why TD Ameritrade and other platforms suspended trading as well.

I’d love to get to the bottom of it, but I’m afraid it’s beyond my pay scale. If anyone sees a cogent explanation, please send it along.

If you didn’t notice, the re-booted Weekly Eudemon podcast is back.

I launched three episodes this week, but that won’t continue.

The plan is . . . not to have a plan. I will post episodes when mood, sobriety, and time permits. 

That being said, I suspect I’ll release a new episode every Sunday, just like I used to.

The podcast is “rebooted” in the sense that I don’t do multiple segments and I don’t edit the audio (besides doing a few basic things to … Read the rest

Philip Rivers Hangs with Eric Scheske

Thanks to Archangel Radio for having me on their morning show yesterday. The video is below. The interview starts at 5:40.

Archangel Radio is also the home of the St. Michael’s Cardinals football team, which is where Philip Rivers is the new coach.

That, like, makes Philip Rivers and me close friends. That, anyway, is how it’ll morph and grow in my mind as the years go on and I’m telling tales to my grandchildren. … Read the rest

What’s Going on at TDE?

Housekeeping matters

What happens on Thursdays?

At TDE, traffic plunges on Thursdays. I’m generally pleased with the traffic figures, but it has been erratic, with noticeable drops on Thursdays.

Very odd.

I decided to use Thursdays for this Housekeeping Matters column. It won’t be a weekly feature, though.

I hope everyone enjoyed the “Seven Days Make One Weak” inaugural column last Saturday.

Unlike Thursdays, Saturdays have turned into TDE’s highest traffic day, so I decided to start a regular Saturday column. I hope you enjoy it.

TDE is looking for support!

Please use the Amazon search widget or any of the TDE Amazon links (bolded links = Amazon links) when you shop this year for Christmas.

Over 75% of Amazon referral fees come between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. Your support is greatly appreciated.

TDE is looking for writers!

Yes, this is a first. If you’re interested, use the new email contact form that you’ll find in the header. I have one writer coming on board in a few weeks. If anyone else is interested, please email me.

I envision that, until new a new writer is established at TDE, his or her essays and posts will be emailed to me. Max or I will post them and provide the requested attribution and links to your site.

What? You’re asking what happened to

It’s still going, but in the words of one of its most popular writers: It has become something of a dumpster fire.

I was doing well. It was a classic “don’t give up your day job,” but I was making enough to pay all my bar bills.

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Housekeeping Matters

If you’re a regular reader of TDE, you’ll notice that it has been undergoing a transformation. Part of the transformation entails longer, more thoughtful, posts.

But don’t worry. I know many readers like the short, bullet approach of the Miscellanenous pieces. Those are going to continue as well.

You can also expect humorous bits, like commentary on the pastor (priest?) who urinated on a woman on a flight from Vegas to Detroit.

Actually, that one might not be so humorous. I read three articles about the incident. Although the pastor was arrested a few days ago, further details haven’t been forthcoming and it appears he may have been sleepwalking. The poor guy is probably mortified.

When I first read about the incident, I was going to quip, “I wonder how much extra he had to pay to get that airline perk?” or something along those lines, but it doesn’t appear this was an incident of perversion or the like.

You’ll also be noticing a stronger return to TDE’s Catholicism. It is no longer “Commentary on Everything that Matters” but “Catholic Cultural Commentary on Everything that Matters.”

Please share posts with friends and family. I’ve added social media buttons to make it easy.

I would also love to hear from people. Leave a comment under the stories or email me:

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