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Little Caesars to Change Slogan to Hot-N-Ready-At-Some-Indeterminate-Point-in-the-Future

Photo by Nik / Unsplash

The Detroit Times

September 19, 2021

DETROIT: Pizza giant Little Caesars has announced a change to its trademarked slogan "Hot-N-Ready" to reflect the current economic milieu of labor shortages and supply chain interruptions.

"It has become apparent," said a Little Caesars representative, that we rarely have pizzas ready when customers show up and never have orders ready in our portals at the time promised.:

It was a stark admission by the Detroit-based business, which has now changed its slogan to "Hot-N-Ready-At-Some-Indeterminate-Point-in-the-Future."

"We feel this better reflects the current reality, said the Little Caesars representative. "Quite frankly, we were concerned people had started to question whether we were intentionally deceiving consumers with our slogan."

Little Caesars has also updated its ground-breaking ordering app to eliminate the times when orders will be ready.

"Starting Friday, all apps will reflect a range of dates when the order will be ready, with no statement of a time. Our customers, however, can be confident that their order will be ready on one of the days quoted them, sometime during our regular business hours."

Such a practice, the representative noted, seems to have worked for cable providers for many years until it was parodied on Seinfeld, so it's optimistic it will work here.