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The feel-good story of the day: Â The Biden campaign has been counting on Black and Latino voters to vote like they normally do, but recent numbers indicate that may not happen this time around.

It's about time.

The Mexicans

The Left has completely used and abused Mexicans and blacks over the past 60 years.

The Mexicans have been nothing more than pawns for the Democratic party. The Kennedy pushed Immigration Act of 1965 supposedly greatly increased the Border Patrol along the boundary, thereby crippling the relatively unhampered flow back and across that Jack Kerouac described in On the Road (a book written about the late 1940s).

And then in the 1990s, the Clinton Administration, under pressure from the unions, crippled the work visa program, thereby crippling the relatively unhampered flow of seasonal workers, killing crucial income to millions of Mexican, forcing them to sneak into the U.S. to do work that they'd been doing for generations and then staying here (because they didn't want to have to sneak back across again), creating the sudden swell our country experienced, giving us today's problem of 11 million undocumented aliens.

And then when Trump offered them amnesty in exchange for Congress building the wall, Pelosi said "no."

Based on my personal experience, and as corroborated by this Mexican in Los Angeles, Mexicans are hard-working, distrustful of government, and have a robust and politically-incorrect sense of humor.

They are, in other words, natural conservatives. It's absurd that they think they're liberals or Democrats, but I blame the Right for that, given the hateful rhetoric that spews from the Right's mouths, which the Left has used to great political effectiveness.

The Blacks

As for the blacks, well, I'm not going to continue this screed. Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell have analyzed, explained, proven, and documented how the Left's programs and policies have completely screwed our black brethren.