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Brews You Can Use

I don't know whether I like this parenthetical week between Thanksgiving and Advent. I like the subdued week after the whirlwind that is Thanksgiving. It gives me a chance to catch my breath before that weird tension that is Advent: a religious season of spirituality and penance combined with a secular season of celebration.

But part of me says, "Let's just get this started already." I want the Christmas lights on (but we've resisted, just as we keep them on all the way to the Epiphany, even though neighbors have their Christmas trees jettisoned at 12:01 AM on the 26th). I want to start listening to Christmas music. I want to get out that blue volume of the Liturgy of the Hours.

Oh well, it's nice that I don't have input on it, rendering my opinion on the matter meaningless. As a Catholic, I just sit back and let the Church's calendar dictate. That whole aspect of just letting go of such matters is one of the biggest reasons I'm Catholic: I'm a sheep, and I like it. I tithe, normally help when called upon, get the sacraments . . . and then just focus on leading the corresponding life. It makes the religious approach simple, which is good, because that last part ("leading the corresponding life") is hard and often complicated.

That's why there's alcohol: everything reasonably in sync spiritually x worldly cares = good drinking. Drinking normally heightens the spirituality and deadens the worldly. It is, in a way, a proper Advent activity because it increases that weird tension: heightens the spiritual and celebratory at the same time.

Though granted, it doesn't do anything for the penitential side.

But hey, if you drink enough, you'll have that in spades the following morning.


BYCU Christmas Gift Idea: I've really enjoyed this flask. I've given it as a gift on a few occasions, always to genuine gratefulness. I'm not positive this is the one I always buy, but I'm pretty sure it is.