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I'd re-title David Brooks' recent op-ed about progressive sadness, "The Gnostification of America."

He touches on four of Voegelin's six gnostic traits (and the other two are also present, but op-eds need to be short), starting with discontent. He points out that liberals today are extremely sensitive, always taking offense at things (the Gnostic never thinks to question whether he's the problem, not outside things), which has resulted in a tribe-like fury against anyone who doesn't agree with them completely (evincing a faith-like attitude). They view America's problems as "endemic" (the gnostic hates the structure).

Brooks is optimistic that the woke religion is dying out, things are calming down, and young people are being taught to take control of their own lives and not look to outside aids for happiness.

He might be right. I hope he is.

If people are happy, the cornerstone of gnosticism crumbles.