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Saturday Morning BYCU: White Coffee

Susan C. Olmstead at Epoch Times

Photo by Daria Rudyk / Unsplash

Even if you’re a well-informed coffee lover, you may not have heard of white coffee—unless you live on the West Coast of the United States, where the brew has plenty of fans—and its popularity is spreading.

Not to be confused with a “flat white,” a beverage made with espresso and steamed milk popular in Australia, white coffee is brewed differently than its darker cousin, resulting in a less bitter and more caffeinated drink. With a taste more like a nutty strong tea than coffee, it’s an interesting alternative for coffee and tea lovers looking to try something new.

White coffee is especially popular in the Seattle area, according to Daniel Olmstead, president of Poverty Bay Coffee in Washington State. It’s gaining traction nationally “as the health benefits and the higher caffeine levels have become known,” Mr. Olmstead told The Epoch Times. “The market for it is likely to grow as the word gets out there more.”

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White Coffee: Sweeter, Smoother, Supercharged
Even many coffee aficionados may not have heard of white coffee, which tastes nothing like its darker cousin and packs in more beneficial antioxidants.