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Photo by Adam Jaime / Unsplash

Man Arrested for Shopdrinking

A store loss prevention officer said the man was spotted selecting bottles of gin from the store shelves, pouring the contents into a cup, drinking the contents and discarding the bottles into a reusable shopping bag. [eco-friendly]

The man initially did not cooperate with police when he was confronted.

When an officer asked if he had any weapons, the man responded by saying: “I am a weapon.”
Man’s thirst for alcoholic beverages results in his arrest: North Olmsted blotter
Police officers at 9:56 p.m. Dec. 27 responded to Walmart regarding a man who was spotted walking around the store opening and consuming multiple bottles of alcoholic beverages, then concealing the bottles.

Two Improbables: Vodka from Kiwi. Kiwi Grown in Michigan

I tried to grow northern kiwi about ten years ago. It didn't go well.

Michigan distillery planting kiwi orchard, plans to make kiwi-infused vodka
Mammoth Distilling opened in Central Lake in 2016.

"Because He Couldn't Sit Still, He Decided to Distill"

W.P. Palmer Distilling Co. in Manayunk making gin that dates back to American Revolution
Philadelphia is a city known for its rich history, and in Manayunk there’s a distiller who is tapping into an old recipe to produce gin that dates back almost to the American Revolution.

I Try to Avoid List Articles, but This One is Well-Written and Interesting

I gotta get some Creme de Violette and try making the Aviation.

14 Gin Cocktails, Ranked Worst To Best
Gin, a deceptively simple spirit, has emerged as a quintessential character in the world of cocktails. These are gin cocktails, ranked from worst to best.

New Mexican Whiskey with Ancient Corn is Sweeping the Continent

According to a New York Times piece from earlier this week.

Meet the Mexican Corn Whiskey Distillers Honoring an Ancient Ingredient
This is your sign that you need to try corn whiskey if you haven’t already.