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BYCU: Variety is the Spice of Life . . . and Good Health

Brews You Can Use

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News You Need and Don't Need for Your Bar Conversations Tonight

I don't trust experts, but maybe I will just this one time

Drink ‘thousands of wine grape varieties’ to boost your health
People should try as many different wine grape varieties as possible to boost their gut health and mental wellbeing, epidemiologist Professor Tim Spector recently suggested.

And he thought people hated him before

Vladimir Putin has secretly made millions from a brand of cheap vodka named after himself, report says
When cheap, popular vodka brand Putinka was launched in Russia in 2002, the company agreed to give Putin a cut of the profits, according to a report.

I Hope You Didn't Miss the Anniversary of Charles Bukowski's Death Yesterday

March 9: Charles Bukowski Ascends to the Dive in the Sky | Modern Drunkard Magazine

Time to Get the Four-Year-Olds Drunk

SunnyD Vodka Seltzer is new adult beverage exclusively at Walmart
Paging teens and young adults from the ’90s. It’s finally happened.

Well, at Least You Got Maced for a Good Reason

‘I’m not gonna risk my life over a bottle of vodka’: Liquor store employee says robber pepper sprayed them to steal one bottle
A liquor store employee recounted via TikTok how a robber pepper sprayed him and his colleague in the process of stealing just a bottle of vodka. User Avery (@lanadelgay98) starts on the video posing for the camera with his hands in a peace sign, saying he’s “looking cute post-robbery.” He goes on t…

What Pairs with Rabid Lesbian Leftism?

Michigan’s Best Local Eats: A Girl Scout cookies and beer pairing? One Well has you covered
The Kalamazoo brewery is preparing for a kitchen expansion as it keeps it menu and taps rotating in its eighth year.

If You Gotta Sell Out, This is the Way to Do It

Singer, songwriter, artist & now Kentucky bourbon maker: Bob Dylan moving his brand.
Heaven’s Door, the American whiskey co-created with singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, is moving to Kentucky. Henry County zoning officials approved permit changes that will let small-scale craft operation Six-Mile Creek Distillery expand and partner with Heaven’s Door. Heaven’s Door has released bourbon,…

Looks Like I'll be in Louisville This September (Then Again, I'm Not Sure I Want to See the 78-Year-Old Debbie Harry)

The Killers, Blondie And More Confirmed For Bourbon And Beyond 2023
The four day Louisville, KY event will also host Hozier, Brittany Howard, Bastille and many more this September.

I Gave My Son a 1967 Bottle of Old Forester and He Dropped It. I Say "My Son" Because I Wiped His Name from Memory

Old Forester 117 Series: Warehouse H Bourbon Review
A big, sweet, festive and fruity bourbon that showcases classic Old Forester flavors.

Some Folks Beg to Get Scammed

In Oregon, rare bourbon that can cost $200 a shot in California sparks criminal investigation
In Oregon, a criminal investigation is underway after an internal probe concluded several state liquor officials used their clout to obtain scarce bourbons.

The Rum Beat Grows Louder: The Next Craze?

It’s Time to Give Rum the Spotlight It Deserves
Rum, which has a rich history in the Caribbean and beyond, is deserving of celebration in its own right, not just as an ingredient in Tiki drinks like Daiquiris and Pina Coladas.