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Suggestion: Bookmark the Scrolling Blog

Start at the Scrolling Blog

Photo by todd kent / Unsplash
To make your visits to TDE as efficient as possible, the Scrolling Blog will mention every new article/essay. You might want to start there every time you visit.

I hope everyone is enjoying the revamped TDE.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I like beautiful things (yeah, I know). I enjoy crafting a beautiful garden; I like keeping one room in my house pristine; I like to see my ripped abs coated in melted butter.

Well, scratch that last one (the statement, not the abs themselves . . . I’m happily married).

But I do like beautiful things and I’ve tried to make The Daily Eudemon beautiful: the layout, the pictures, hopefully even content, with minimal emphasis placed on current affairs and, especially, politics.

That being said, I also like efficiency and want to respect your time. TDE's new blog service is apparently helping a lot with this. The site is loading much faster than before (load time: 1.89 seconds, according to one testing site).

I also want you to have the option of visiting one page and seeing what's new, without needing to search and meander. I have readers who don’t check in daily (despite the blog name's quotidian promise). They want to poke in their cyber-head a few times a week, see what’s new, click or read anything that interests them, then leave.

With all that in mind, I am committed to providing a link in The Scrolling Blog to every new essay or article posted at TDE, so you never need to scan the main page to figure out if there’s any new content.

This will be especially useful as TDE ramps up further and essays on the first page are jostled around. I have, literally, hundreds of essays in the archives. Like those museum curators who search the basement to see what old stuff should be put on display again, I’ll be searching my archives to find old pieces that deserve renewed attention.

If you’re a long-time TDE reader, you might click on an essay that suddenly appears on the first page and think, “Didn’t I read this already?” The answer is, “If you didn’t see it referenced in the Scrolling Blog recently, then yes, you probably read it here already.”

Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying the TDE experience.

I’d love to hear from you. Comments, suggestions, recommended essays, praise, flattery, money, first-borns: all are welcomed, just like the horrendous hymn says.

Speaking of “all are welcomed,” this cartoon cracked me up (yeah: I just said that I don't want TDE to be political, but the ecclesiastical left is just too funny to ignore):