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A Medieval Christmas

Dollar-for-word, this book is a terrible deal. It's 28 pages long and, except for a short appendix, every word is merely a paste job from the 2003 Revised Standard Edition (Catholic Edition) of the Bible.

And the book costs $44!

These publishers oughtta be locked up.

But here's the thing: The book isn't meant for reading. It's meant for meditating.

You might recall that reading can be left hemispheric or right hemispheric. This book eliminates any chance that our language-obsessed left hemisphere might hijack our spiritual reading this Season.

When you sit down with this book, there's pretty much nothing to do except look at these high-quality reproductions of medieval paintings of the Annunciation, Nativity, Epiphany, and other events.

And as you look, you meditate, which is an exclusively right-hemispheric activity.

Also recommended in this regard: The Splendors of the Rosary.