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The Gnostics in Hollywood are Perverts

Existence Strikes Back Part IV explores flourishing in our postmodern, left-hemispheric, culturally-gnostic world. One of the ways to promote flourishing: avoid things that are culturally gnostic and left-hemispheric, like Hollywood.

Note: I need to explore why I say Hollywood is filled with gnostics--at least, cultural gnostics– but for now, I point you to the analysis of art and gnosticism in this piece about Thomas Merton.

I thought this essay would explore the nexus: child sex trafficking--the porn industry--Hollywood. Sex with children overlaps with porn and porn overlaps with Hollywood . . . and sometimes the porn part of the nexus is jettisoned altogether and children have sex with Hollywood elites.

Roman Polanski was merely one of the prosecuted, and he's still celebrated by the leftist culture that pervades Hollywood. IMDB has an entire page devoted to "Celebs Who Have Defended Roman Polanski Publically." The list isn't terribly long, but it's long enough to confirm that such a view isn't shameful in that demented circle.

Because leftists and Hollywood celebrate the sexualization of children. That's the point of this essay.

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All Gnostics are Left-Hemispheric, but Not All Left-Hemispherics are Gnostics
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