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A fellow-Generation X'er channels my thoughts almost precisely. The first third of this must-read essay recounts the problem.

The last two-thirds offers a possible response ("shatter zones" and "jellyfish tribes") to the black hole State that sucks in everything near it. Kingsnorth's proposal resonates with me, but I'm just gonna ruminate on it for awhile before advocating it.

But it was the pandemic — or rather, the response to it — that changed everything for me. I hadn’t been prepared see, in my allegedly free and democratic country, a merger of corporate power, state power and media power in the service of constructing a favoured narrative, of the kind which had previously only characterised totalitarian regimes.

Shatter zones: areas that the State has a hard time assimilating.

Jellyfish tribes: a group that defends cultural and economic autonomy making the group invisible or unattractive as object of appropriation by the State.

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