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When I moved from my house of 30 years, I threw out all my trophies, except four that were special to me. I am now throwing out those four, taking the expert de-hoarder advice to take a picture of things that are special but useless one step further by blogging about them as well (but then burying it in the TDE archives).

I was always undersized. Never the smallest boy in class, but in the Little 80th Percentile.

When I was ten, I decided I wanted to be able to punt a football. So I punted, punted, and punted: one football, in my backyard. Punt, walk and get it, punt it back. For hours.

I was soon punting it further than any other boy I knew, so I entered the local Punt Pass and Kick contest. Back then, it was a pretty big deal.

Unfortunately, I couldn't pass or kick very well, but my punt sailed way past anyone else's, making up for my sub-par throw and kick, bringing me this third place trophy.

I never played any sort of football again, except some pass football here and there.