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Please Don't Think I Can Judge Anyone's Soul, Especially a Genius Like Merton's

I want to point out: This essay is conjecture.

In a way, I "work backward" from a lifetime of reading and admiring Merton's writings, combining them with biographical details, adding my understanding of Gnosticism and the Hemisphere Hypothesis, and coming up with this explanation of the confusing man that was Thomas Merton.

I think it's a solid explanation, but since we're dealing with spiritual (and philosophical, psychological, historical matters, not to mention the inner workings of a man's soul, which is something no person can know), it is still conjecture.

But even if I'm wrong here about Merton, it provides a useful framework for understanding the rise of Gnosticism in modern culture.

Social Activist Thomas Merton Didn’t Stay Informed?
Merton didn’t trust the media, but he formed strong opinions on current events. It’s because Merton was an artist victimized by his left hemisphere. He needed to embrace causes.