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On Vermentino

Lettie Teague at the Wall Street Journal

Photo by Celina / Unsplash

Is Vermentino the New Chardonnay? Inside Sonoma Wines’ Italian Renaissance
Drought-resistant, heat-tolerant Italian varieties are moving in on acreage once planted to French grapes. Sonoma grape growers and winemakers alike are particularly bullish on light, bright Vermentino.

The grapes most often associated with California’s Sonoma Valley are French—from Cabernet Sauvignon to Chardonnay—despite the fact that many of the region’s winemaking families have Italian roots. But thanks to the efforts of a new generation of producers, Italian varieties like Falanghina, Arneis, Ribolla Gialla and Vermentino are showing up more and more often on the labels of sought-after Sonoma wines.

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