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Photo by Brian Jones / Unsplash

Bud Light Missed Out on the Super Bowl Party

I don't deny that the boycott has hurt, but that swill is still the second most popular brand out there. We have way too many trannies and pinko-trannies in this country.

Kid Rock even pulled back on the boycott last week while appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience, even though his reasons for doing so were incoherent. He said he's been hanging out with the CEO and he's a good guy and means well and that he told the CEO, "Look, just issue a statement that says we want everyone to enjoy our beer, but we realize we shouldn't wade into polarizing issues like that."

But Bud Lite didn't issue such a statement. It can't. The entire LGBTQ movement is based on the fiction that their positions aren't polarizing. If Bud Lite admits that the gay agenda is polarizing, it runs afoul of the gay narrative (to wit, "Only KKK members and Nazis don't think trannies are cool"). If Bud Lite even admits rational discussion and dialogue is possible and recommended, it becomes the beer of the Nazi party, so it never followed Kid Rock's advice, but Kid Rock is (again, for reasons I couldn't understand) against the boycott now.

Another Reason to Eschew Ozempic

"[T]he drug affects the brain and appears to remove the pleasure received from drinking alcohol." 

You can get the same effect by asking the bartender to spit in your drink.

Unexpected side effect from popular weight loss drugs studied for help with addiction treatment
Several clinical trials are underway to see if semaglutide, the active ingredient in weight loss drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic, can also help treat alcohol addiction.

The Eclipse is One Month Away

Start drinking now.

Kentucky distillery releases solar eclipse bourbon, moonshine for 2024 cosmic event
Casey Jones Distillery in Hopkinsville, Kentucky has launched a Total Eclipse Kentucky Straight Bourbon in honor of the April 8 eclipse. The distillery is also rereleasing its Total Eclipse Moonshine in honor of the event.