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Current Affairs seems like a worthwhile magazine. It describes itself as "the left magazine for people skeptical of leftism." Based on this essay, it seems pretty far left . . . Bernie Sanders-left . . . but intellectually honest left.

In the perspective of the Hemisphere Hypothesis, an "intellectually honest" leftist is a person who thinks within the restrictive parameters of his rationalist (and normally Gnostic) cocoon, but is also aware, if only semi-consciously, that his cocoon is limited and there's a lot more out there that he might not be considering.

The intellectually honest leftist, in other words, rationalizes from leftist principles but values reason to reach broader conclusions. Current Affairs seems to be such a rag.

The Difference between “Reason” and “Rationality”
Reason Greek nous Latin intellectus Reason is flexible. It resists fixed formulation. It is shaped by experience. It involves the whole living being, combining the mental and physical . . . the spiritual and material. It is the intellectual glue of sacramental existence. It is characterized by intuition. Reason is “congenial to the
Hating Rural Whites
Nathan Robinson at Current Affairs