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If you want to see something startling, watch this clip from the Joe Rogan Experience.

Now, I think Rogan is one of the most entertaining interviewers ever and I find him to be respectful and open to ideas, but at times, his views come out . . . and they come out strong and uncompromising and dismissive. In this clip, he displays an astounding degree of the arrogance and ignorance that is the hallmark of fundamentalism . . . all in the name of destroying fundamentalism.

His guest, Peter Boghossian, is even worse, at one point calling Rogan's embarrassing rant "beautiful" and saying, "There's absolutely no question in mind that you're correct," as part of his mini-rant against people who think they know things. He is condemning left hemispheric religious people while displaying all the traits of a man dominated by his left hemisphere.

Rogan and Boghossian here are both oblivious that they have merely rejected religious fundamentalism in the name of progressivism and scientism . . . both fundamentalist religions, albeit of the secular sort.

It's one reason, incidentally, why I find it so useful to understand The Hemisphere Hypothesis: I can better see how people who are enemies (here, a militant atheist and militant Christians) think the same way.

In Rogan's defense, this clip is from 2015. The rigor of his rhetoric moderated greatly after COVID.

I think he always had the good sense to distrust his left hemisphere, even if (like in this clip) he occasionally let it off the leash, but I think he distrusts it even more these days. He knows, if only instinctively, that COVID and the abuse he suffered from the Establishment in those days was an instance of the left hemisphere unhinged.