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Introductions to and Summaries of The Hemisphere Hypothesis

By the Master Himself

Resist the Machine Apocalypse | Iain McGilchrist
No two ways about it: We are making ourselves wretched. We are more affluent than ever, but . . . .

The Best

The thing about things | The New Criterion
Jonathan Gaisman on The Thing With Things by Iain McGilchrist.

The Longest

Beyond the Scientific Revolution: Ian McGilchrist’s “The Matter With Things”
Richard Cocks at VoegelinView

The Least

Primer: Understanding the Hemisphere Hypothesis
Many smart people think Iain McGilchrist has effected a Copernican revolution in metaphysics. I tend to agree. Here’s a summary of the revolution.


Neuroscientist argues the left side of our brains have taken over our minds | CBC Radio
Neuroscientist Iain McGilchrist argues that Western society has become too dominated by the left hemisphere of our brains — obsessed with data and sorting things into categories. Meanwhile, the right hemisphere of our brains which understand relationships and context has been sidelined.
Watch The Divided Brain | Prime Video
Is there an imbalance between our brain hemispheres that is affecting how we live in our modern society? The Divided Brain is a mind-altering odyssey about one man’s quest to prove a growing imbalance in our brains.
Symposia, Ep. 1: “Turning the Tide” with Dr Iain McGilchrist
The European Conservative presents a new video series, “Symposia,” which will explore the crisis of our civilisation and what rebuilding that civi…
The Enchantments of Iain McGilchrist
If you want to understand the many-symptomed sickness that has overtaken modern culture, and begin finding our way to a cure, there is perhaps no better sec…