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"To Play is to Contemplate," James Schall

"One should live out one's days playing at certain games--sacrificing, singing, and dancing." Plato, The Laws

"For Aristotle the most interesting and fascinating thing about play was precisely that it was 'unnecessary.' More than anything else, this freedom is what made play noble, what made it like contemplation." James Schall, On the Unseriousness of Human Affairs.

"Good games and sporting events are the normal and symbolic experiences most people have that might teach them to understand something of God, to understand how something could be for its own sake. This experience teaches us how it is possible that something we might contemplate is something we might contemplate forever if it were forever fascinating." Id.

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I don’t think Fr. Schall knew it, but his book is a relentless celebration of the right hemisphere.

Joe Rogan and Diana Walsh Pasulka Discussing Jimi Hendrix's Guitar Playing

"You're tapping into something that's higher than normal consciousness." Joe Rogan

"Yes, and it's pretty cool. It's exactly what Plato said it was. You do it for its own sake. You don't do it for anything else. You do it because of It. You don't do it because after this I'm going to make a lot of money. Or it'll make my parents happy. You don't do it for those reasons. You do it for in and of itself." DW Pasulka.

"The people who do it for those reasons--I'm going to be famous, I'm going to be this, I'm going to be that--they never make it. There's something about it. They just don't. Maybe some of them will become pop stars, but it'll never be transcendent" like Hendrix. It's not genius.

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