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Cynar and Tonic

Peter Suderman at Cocktails with Suderman (Substack)

Photo by Yana Iskayeva / Unsplash

Tonic, of course, goes famously well with gin. But it plays nicely with a variety of other bottles as well, including some you might not expect — like Cynar. (Say it with me now: Put Cynar in everything!

There’s no trick to this drink, no fancy technique or structural hack. I use the same 10:3 ratio as I employ for a Gin & Tonic, and I’m even less fussy about the preparation. 

If you want to dress it up, garnish the drink with a lemon wedge, then squeeze a little bit of citrus juice into the mix to brighten it up. (This works a lot like the small hit of lemon juice in the Cynar-forward Bitter Guiseppe.)

Pour the tonic first and the Cynar second, on top. This allows the Cynar to float down through the drink rather than resting at the bottom.

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