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BYCU: St. Patrick's Day Edition

Everything you need and don't need for your bar conversations this weekend

Photo by Benjamin Rascoe / Unsplash

Happy St. Patrick's Day

For the great Gaels of Ireland
Are the men that God made mad,
For all their wars are merry,
And all their songs are sad.

G.K. Chesterton

The Infantilization of the Beer Industry Continues.

Or is It the Grooming of Infants by the Beer Industry?

Coors Light debuts beer-flavored popsicles for March Madness
This one’s for the basketball fans who grew up on Otter Pops.

It's Not Just a Difference in Spelling?

Whiskey vs. Whisky: What’s the difference between the liquors?
The difference between whiskey and whisky is a tiny but essential detail concerning the country where the brown liquor was produced. Here are details about the types of spirits.

Everything You Need to Know but Can then Forget

What’s New In Tequila, Whisky And Bourbon For 2023
Spruce up the bar cart with a rose-hued tequila, biodynamic Irish whisky, or even a sustainable barrel aged gin.

A Sin Tax Gets Rolled Back. In Other News, Hell Just Froze Over

Kentucky House passes tax-relief bill for bourbon industry
FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Proposed tax relief for Kentucky’s bourbon makers was fast-tracked Monday in advancing in the state House, but local leaders living near some of the world’s best-known distilleries were in no mood to toast the industry victory. The measure aims to phase out a property tax on th…

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