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BYCU: Drinking Literature: The Good, the Bad, and the Tripe

Photo by Muhammad-taha Ibrahim / Unsplash

This is a Lovely Drinking Piece from the Spectator

An ode to localism, in its way

It used to have a snug: a partitioned room where ladies could drink in privacy. Those days are gone, now; it’s been closed off. The ornately carved bar and buttoned leather bench seats are elegant, yet the pub is cozy and hosts karaoke, bingo nights and community fêtes. It feels like a lived-in local, not like the anonymous trendy bars of cities I’d come to stereotype. After a year in my neighborhood, I, too, have become a regular. 
Orwells, a place to get away from it all
On the edge of Glasgow’s West End, the posh bar scene melts away for just a moment at Elderslie Street, where Orwells has sat since the 1980s

This is a Bad Piece from the Spectator

I admire the Spectator for its content and style, but this piece wants in both areas. This sentence from the beginning contains two dying metaphors (which are forever condemned, due to Orwell's penetrating criticism of them).

So, finding myself with a bun in the oven just after my forty-first birthday this summer, I had to bring to a screeching halt the habits of the last few years."
Drinking during pregnancy just isn’t the same
The pleasure of life before — and hopefully at some point, after pregnancy — was the open horizons of drink, of mixing and matching

The Age of Tripe

The Internet's self-propelling appetite for script fogs the online world with tripe. I could probably start a "Tripe You Can Use" weekly feature, but no one can use this tripe. It's neither entertaining nor entertaining. If someone dedicated newspaper space to something this inane, eco-warriors would be storming its headquarters in the name of protecting the trees.

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