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"Non-Alcoholic Drinks" Shouldn't Even be on the List, Unless You're Going to Include Ice Tea and Lemonade

An alcoholic drink without alcohol is like poker played for funzies. There are better games than poker if money isn't involved, and there are better drinks than virgins. Pour a lemonade, add a lime wedge and a dash of grenadine, then move onto the heavy-fuel cocktails.

The one exception I'll allow: pregnant women. I have no objection to them requesting a non-alcoholic drink. It's the least the men can do.  

What are Americans drinking this summer? Tequila, Modelo, canned cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks
As summer party season approaches, Americans are drinking Mexican beers such as Modelo, premium tequilas, and the newest flavors of canned cocktails.

But for the Mojito, Jam in A LOT of Mint, plus Copious Amounts of Cilantro and Basil

8 Classic Rum Cocktail Recipes | Cool Material
There are certain rum cocktails that every guy should know how to make, including the Mai Tai, Daiquiri, and Cuba Libre.

P. Diddy Really Started Something When He Got that Equity Stake in Ciroc Back in 2007

Puff, BTW, was raised Catholic. You wouldn't exactly know that these days, but there it is.

This fine aged bourbon will be released in the U.S. in May, marking the entrepreneur’s debut into the spirits industryBOONE COUNTY, Ky., May 23, 2…

Can't Wait for Speedway Beer

Heck, This Might be the Best Wino Development Since Fortified Wines and Two-Buck Chuck

Circle K debuts private-label wine
The global convenience store chain is starting with a line in 3,000 U.S. stores

A Great Development for the Palsitic

And Those of Us Who, Ahem, Might Have Too Many

This Fragrant New Gin Can Be Mixed in a Cocktail or Worn as a Perfume
Sometimes smelling like booze isn’t a bad thing.

Detroit Clocks in at Number 25 Due to Its Cheap Beer Prices: At $3.55 Per Beer, It Has the Best Prices in the Nation

The analysis uses a pretty detailed metric. Kinda interesting.

Interesting. Nerdish and Fanatical, Taking a Harmless Joy to Perilous Obsession, Perhaps, but Interesting

Rum’s Holy Grail: Appleton Recreates The Rum Used In The First Mai Tai
Appleton Estate will be releasing Appleton Estate 17 Year Old Legend — a recreation of the legendary Wray & Nephew 17 Year Old rum popular in the 1940s — this June.