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BYCU: More Boycott, Gatorade Cocktails, and Celebrity Alcohol

Everything you need to regale your comrades at the bar tonight

Photo by Garreth Paul / Unsplash

AB Cares Only about Profits, Which is Precisely Why the Boycott Needs to Continue

Russell Brand mocked the boycott, nothing that big corporations aren't moral animals and saying something along the lines that they just reflect the monolithic culture of the moment.

I didn't follow his reasoning entirely, but my reaction was, "Yeah, and we don't want a monolithic culture that looks like Dylvan Mulvaney, much less a Mulvaney culture that is relentlessly jammed down our throats."

Bud Light Sales Crash “Getting Much Worse” In Latest Week Since Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco

President Smirnoff to Public Relations Department: "Nip that S*** in the Bud"

Trans activist appears to tout Smirnoff relationship, company denies partnership
Drag queen and trans woman Maxine LaQueene suggested she was a paid partner for Smirnoff, but the vodka brand has denied any partnership.

Excuse the Pun in that Last Headline

Jeremy Bentham and Karl Marx loathed the pun, but they were left-hemispheric jackasses. The pun might be a low form of humor, but all harmless humor is good humor, regardless of the joke's social status.

Freud stooped to punning, referring to the Christmas season as “the alcoholidays.” Lamb regarded punning as one of the great tripods of life’s pleasures, the other two being smoking and drinking gin. He said he hoped that “the last breath I draw in this world will be through a pipe, and exhaled in a pun.” Max Eastman, in his book The Enjoyment of Laughter, takes a dim view of punning. He says of one Ogden Nash effort, “It is not a pun: it is a punitive expedition.” But that is a pun too. Groucho Marx said to me, “For a professional comedian to fall back on a pun is a confession of failure, like telling a dirty joke.” But he was the man who, asked about his safari in Kenya, replied, “We shot two bucks. That was the only money we had.” Paul Johnson, Humorists.

Drinking to Prevent Hangovers

Gatorade Cocktails Are Good
This sports drink is actually a great mixer, according to bartender John deBary.

These Folks Know Neither Limits nor Shame

Am I the only person who covers his mouth at the fetid self-righteous pandering?

Emma Watson Has Launched a Carbon-Neutral Gin
When it comes to celebrity side hustles, drinks are the new perfume. From Kendall Jenner’s tequila to Kylie Minogue’s rosé, we’re seeing more and more

He Just Needs to Call It Something like, "Sustainequila"

"The only tequila made from responsibly-sourced agave"

James Marsden says he’s considered selling the worst tequila he can find to make fun of other celebrities like George Clooney and Kendall Jenner
In a new interview with W magazine, the “Jury Duty” star said that he’s considered launching a low-quality brand as commentary on his celebrity peers.

I Never Would've Guessed Sweden Exported Vodka to Russia

I guess I figured that would be like exporting corn to Nebraska.

Absolut vodka exports to Russia discontinued after outcry in Sweden
Firm’s owner, Pernod Ricard, faced calls for boycott and political pressure after resuming some exports in April

Spoiler Alert: Black Velvet Didn't Make It

8 Awesome And Award-Winning American Whiskeys, Blind Tasted And Ranked
American whiskeys are a quasi-catch-all category for great whiskeys. Here’s how 8 new and awesome bottles stood up in a blind taste test.

It's the Drunkard Day of Andre the Giant

He died on May 19th

The Greatest Drunk on Earth: Andre the Giant | Modern Drunkard Magazine