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Stop with the "Healthy Drinking" Stories!

Gin, Not Sin! 5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Gin You May Not Know
A glass of gin has the potential to work wonders, ranging from enhancing digestion to aiding weight loss. Keep reading to delve further into its health benefits.

Haven't You Read GKC's "Omar and the Sacred Vine"

Mark Wahlberg reveals tequila doesn’t jeopardize extreme exercise regime
Actor Mark Wahlberg explained how he manages to enjoy his tequila brand while also maintaining a strict workout schedule to keep in top physical condition.
"Tequila is definitely the healthiest alternative. If you're going to have any type of alcohol consumption, you're better off having tequila." Mark Wahlberg.
"Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable. Never drink when you are wretched without it, or you will be like the grey-faced gin-drinker in the slum; but drink when you would be happy without it, and you will be like the laughing peasant of Italy. Never drink because you need it, for this is rational drinking, and the way to death and hell. But drink because you do not need it, for this is irrational drinking, and the ancient health of the world." G.K. Chesterton, Heretics
"The dipsomaniac and the abstainer are not only both mistaken, but they both make the same mistake. They both regard wine as a drug and not as a drink." Kingsley Amis

Then Again, Too Much Drink Can Kill Ya. Sometimes, Real Fast

Russia lost the first Crimean War because of widespread alcoholism. Drinking is killing their troops in Ukraine, too, intel shows.
Alcoholism has historically been an issue for the Russian military: It caused Russia to lose the Crimean War and is now killing troops in Ukraine.

And Sometimes, Alcohol Can Save You from Dying

She was found after five days and immediately treated for dehydration. I'm guessing she was drinking Merlot. That stuff always dries me out.

Woman lost in wilderness survived on lollipops and a bottle of wine before rescue, authorities say
Lillian Ip, 48, got stuck in her car in the Australian wilderness last week and had the “great common sense” not to “wander off,” police said.

Fever Tree is the Best. "Q" is Good if You Prefer Gin and Water. TDE Has No Opinion on the Other Three Listed Here, but if Any Scheske Kids are Looking for Father's Day Ideas . . .

5 Best Tonics for a Gin and Tonic
When tonic is half of your cocktail, it’s worth using the best one.

Ah, Pearl Harbor is Now Officially Forgiven

nendo pops beer cans with two pull tabs for more brew, less foam lager drinking
the design of ‘foam can’ with two pull tabs from nendo makes way for an exacting liquid-foam ratio coming from canned beers.

The First Brand: "The Gardener Gin." Sign Me Up

It reminds me of trying to convince Marie that it's fun to have a  few gin and tonics while gardening. She wasn't "havin' it."  

Brad Pitt Is Launching a New Gin With a Famed French Winemaker
Look out Ryan Reynolds, the celebrity gin world just got a little more handsome.

No More Than 20%? Wow, I Have a Long Way to Go in My Efforts to Develop a Taste for the Stuff

How Much Water Is Too Much to Put in Your Whiskey? Scientists Have the Answer
A Washington State University-led study determined when diluted whiskey starts to lose its characteristics.

It reminds me of the opening line from one of my favorite songs: