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The Walktail and Tequila. Fare for Your Weekend Bar Talk

Photo by Garreth Paul / Unsplash

The Walktail: Only Fumes from the Gnostic Puritans Could Prohibit Such an Obviously Beautiful Thing

The New Tito’s Vodka Promotion Is... Complicated
Dogs, cocktails, and the great outdoors—if you conducted a survey, these are things that a majority of Americans would support. And Tito’s, distillers of the nation’s most popular vodka, is aiming to mix and shake all three.

In 2022, Tequila/Mezcal Passed Whiskey in American Popularity, Making Them Number Two, Behind Vodka

The Expansive World of Tequila, Mezcal, and Agave-Based Drinks
This humble plant, which is the base of some of the world’s most popular spirits, has deep roots.

They are Poised to Become Number One in 2023

Spirits sales hit record first in US - The Spirits Business
For the first time spirits took the lead revenue share of alcoholic beverage sales in the US in 2022, data has revealed.

I Saw the Street Where the Main Fighting Took Place, but I Still Ain't Touching any Tequila

Elegant Tequila Cocktails That Will Elevate Your Cinco De Mayo
We’ve rounded up the best cocktail recipes for celebrating Cinco de Mayo so you can enjoy the festive holiday from home.

Africa has Climbed onto the Gin Craze, Even Though Juniper is a Northern-Habitat Plant

Tasting: 3 Juniper-Rich African Gins from Procera Gin
Procera Gin is a genuinely unique product of Africa, a gin that doesn’t just contain juniper but venerates every part of it.

I Can't Imagine, Waking Up with a Nasty Hangover and Someone Reminding Me I Bought One of These

From Tropical Rum Cocktail Classics to Extravagant and Exclusive, a Chicago Bar Plans to Serve up an $800 Mai Tai Using Rare Rum
The Bamboo Room at Three Dots and a Dash is revamping its cocktail selection and plans to debut a new “innovative menu.” One of the more astounding offerings at this rum focused bar includes a Mai Tai with an $800 price tag. Beverage Director Kevin Beary, Lead Bartender, Scott Kitsmiller and team cr…

If You Really Want to Bore the Crap Out of Your Drinking Companions Tonight . . .

Modern lager arose when a beer and an ale met in a Munich brewhouse
Two yeast strains mixed in a brewing cellar 400 years ago