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How Long Until They Claim It was All a PR Stunt?

Photo by Christophe Dion / Unsplash

Are People Finally Putting Aside Their Consumer Preferences in Revolt?

Bar Owners Say Customers Have Stopped Ordering Bud Light After Transgender Ad Campaign
“They’ve already done enough damage in one week to disrupt year-long sales projections...”

Yes, They Are. It Might be the Feel-Good Story of the Year: AB Backpeddling Faster Than Deion Sanders in His Prime

New Details Emerge Over ‘Mistake’ That Led To Bud Light’s Paid Marketing Engagement With Trans Influencer | The Daily Wire
New details have emerged over what allegedly happened inside Anheuser Busch earlier this Spring that led to a highly controversial transgender influencer landing a paid marketing engagement with one of the company’s top brands, Bud Light, and how the company has responded to the backlash. “No one at…

But Bud Light Wasn't Being Political! Just Appealing to that Huge Trans Demographic.

Bud Light’s marketing VP was inspired to update ‘fratty,’ ‘out of touch’ branding
Alissa Heinerscheid did an interview with the podcast “Make Yourself At Home” on March 30, where she discussed her work in transforming the Bud Light brand.

Jeffrey Tucker with the Cerebral Analysis

What the Bud Light Fiasco Reveals about the Ruling Class ⋆ Brownstone Institute
The marketing director of Bud Light talked a good line about “inclusivity” but she plotted to impose everything but that.
The marketing director of Bud Light talked a good line about “inclusivity” but she plotted to impose everything but that. Her plan was designed for the one percent and to the exclusion of all the people who actually consume the product, to say nothing for the workers who actually make and deliver the product she was charged with promoting.

All Just a Smoke Screen?

Meanwhile, Bud Light Now Claims It Promotes Nothing in the Can

Red Stripe Debuts New Line Of Canned Rum Cocktails - Tasting Table
Red Stripe is introducing two new canned cocktails slated to roll out this spring in Florida and select markets in the northeastern U.S.

Jennifer Lopez, who has said she doesn’t drink, launches alcoholic beverage brand
Nondrinker Jennifer Lopez was blasted by some fans who called her “opportunistic” for selling new line of spritz cocktails.

But the Car, Which was Sober, is Wrecked

Drunk man breaks into song after falling from 19th floor and landing on a car
The man crashed down on to a parked car outside a building in the city of Voronezh in southwest Russia on April - but despite the car being wrecked, he was unharmed and even got up to start belting out a tune

The New Baseball Rules Keep Paying Dividends

Crew extends alcohol sales on experimental basis
MILWAUKEE -- For the first time in memory, the Brewers are permitting fans to buy a cold one beyond the end of the seventh inning.President of business operations Rick Schlesinger confirmed that the Brewers -- on an experimental basis -- are extending alcohol sales at American Family Field through

Plan Your Vacation

Who has the cheapest beer in the Major Leagues?
Colorado Rockies fans lamenting the fact that the team has the worst odds of winning their World Series, they can at least rejoice in a new survey claiming that Denver’s ballpark also serves the ch…

This is Too Racial for Comment

Hemp-based Highway Vodka is Texas’ first Black-owned distillery — and they’re expanding
What started as a hobby in Houston for Ben Williams has turned into a growing company for hemp-based vodka.

The Streets to Decadence Keep Multiplying

Vodka butter goes viral — and it’s way better than a #butterboard
Mooove over, regular butter. Vodka butter is the boozy, viral new spread intoxicating social media — and making a splash at dinner parties. Chef and food blogger Carolina Gelen wowed the internet by whipping up the recipe for her TikTok followers — and it’s easy to churn out at home. The clever cond…

First, He Kicks Out Harry, then He Pours Large Gin and Tonics. I Rather Like This Snob

King Charles asked conductor to perform at coronation during night of ‘large’ gin and tonics
Internationally acclaimed Sir John Eliot Gardiner says King Charles asked him to perform at his coronation during a night of “large” gin and tonics.

I'm No Whiskey Expert, but I Think This Might be Considered Sacrilege

This Brand Is Trying to Age Whiskey in Days Instead of Years, and Derek Jeter Is a Believer
Should you be a believer though?