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Photo by Taylor Friehl / Unsplash

Count Me In

I love everything about Christmas. I even like its commercialization. And I love gin.

The problem is, I'm not sure it's available in the U.S.

Gordon’s Unveils Sugar Plum Gin Liqueur Just in Time for Holiday Imbibing
As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to explore the delectable world of festive spirits -- and Gordon’s has unveiled a sweet addition to its lineup just in time. Announced on Friday, the limited-edition Sugar Plum Gin Liqueur sees the iconic London dry brand’s flagship gin infuse…

Chesterton's Flying Inn was 100 Years Ahead of Its Time

"Pop Up" bars. Great concept. Don't look for them in the United States any time soon. States love to flex their 21st Amendment rights and they regulate the hell out of booze. Temporary pop bars would make as much sense to their bureaucratic mindset as the trannies make to sane people.

Pop up Scottish vodka bar to service cocktails over festive season
A pop up Scottish Vodka bar will be serving up cocktails and other drinks in the St Enoch Centre over the festive season.

I Suppose This is Bizarro News

But it's a fun read.

Unintentional Humor: "Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light Beer Ball, though, eventually proved to be pretty stiff competition."

Remembering Beer Balls: The Spherical Keg of the ’80s and ’90s
These beach ball-sized, amber-tinted orbs containing a little over five gallons of beer are a thing of the past. But where did they go?

More Bizarro News

This piece uses nearly 1,000 words when 19 works: The suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion prompted farmer distillers to move west to the wilder (and less regulated) Kentucky.

How The Whiskey Rebellion Allowed Kentucky’s Bourbon Industry To Thrive
The Whiskey Rebellion is a little-known but pivotal moment in the history of the American spirits industry. Here’s how it spurred the rise of Kentucky bourbon.

Who Drinks Bong Water?

‘It was not a bong’: What did Aaron Rodgers spill on the New York Jets’ sideline Monday night?
Aaron Rodgers says he gets tequila from an ESPN Deportes reporter every time his teams play on \

Giving Drinking a Bad Name

Maybe Giving the NFL a Bad Name, Too, but That's Like Sullying Capone's Name

Dolphins fans who took tequila shots after every TD are somehow still standing
The family of Dolphins fans who took tequila shots after every touchdown of 70-point game somehow lived to tell the tale