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The original cage fighter. Photo by Raul De Los Santos / Unsplash

Giving a Whole New Meaning to the "Rear Naked Choke"

And the "Reverse Mount," the "Rear Mount," the "Full Mount," the "Arm Drag," and the "Whizzer"

I was cracking up, just reading through a UFC glossary. Can you imagine how much fun Late Night would've had with this before Kimmel and Woke Co. ruined it all? I often wonder if Ben Stein wakes up at 3:00 AM with guilt over playing a pivotal role in Kimmel's success.

Bud Light-UFC deal: A $100 Million partnership despite transgender ad campaign
The UFC has inked a multiyear deal worth over $100 million with beer giant Bud Light.

I Was Only Passing Through Tennessee on My Way to South Carolina

Red Dog + Vodka. I Call It "The Heavenly Decadent"

This is the one crime I could be accused of (not counting the crime of bad taste)

2 men accused of burglarizing train cars containing cases of vodka, Red Bull
The suspects were discovered sitting next to 30 cases of vodka.

Kate Upton. Cans. So Many Jokes, So Little Room Before One Loses His Catholic Bona Fides

Kate Upton joins company bringing 2 types of canned vodka cocktails to Michigan
Vosa Spirits announced the partnership with the Michigan-born supermodel, actress, and entrepreneur on Tuesday.

Serves 'Em Right

Non-alcoholic beer may bring higher risk for E.coli, salmonella: Cornell study
Low-alcohol beers have less than 2.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), while non-alcoholic beers have less than 0.5% ABV.

I Might Join This Retro-Trend

Is this the new ‘it’ spirit? Meet Cognac, bourbon’s fancy French cousin
Bourbon and Cognac have more in common than you might expect. Here’s why you should give the fancy French liquor a chance.