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Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash

People are Drinking More of Those Frilly Canned Drinks

And they're reducing household budgets and trying to live healthier

Not mentioned: More people are smoking marijuana. It's easier to take the pledge when you're taking a bong hit.

People Are Drinking Less Craft Beer. Here’s Why, Says Brewers Association
In one way, the reasons for craft beer’s diminishing sales are complex, but in another sense, the reason is simple: People are drinking other types of alcohol instead.

In More Sobering News . . .

Again, the journalist misses the obvious angle: Some (many? most?) of the young people who opt for sobriety are smoking dope.

Sobriety Is In, and Nonalcoholic Beer Sales Are Soaring
New, better-tasting zero-alcohol beers are experiencing explosive growth as alcohol consumption by young adults declines.

Speaking of Competition from Frilly Drinks

An Absolut Vodka and Sprite canned cocktail is coming next year
The Coca-Cola Company teamed up with Pernod Ricard to announce the launch of a ready-to-drink premixed cocktail containing Absolut vodka and Sprite next year.

This Just Can't be True! The EU Would Never Impose an Invisible Tax on Its Own People!

European Union’s War On American Whiskey Heats Up
“If American distillers lose out in this critical market, we’ll feel it at home...”

I Drank One Last Night in Celebration of This Humongous Holiday

I'll Drink a Few More Tonight

International Gin and Tonic Day (October 19th) | Days Of The Year
Mac and cheese, PB and J, Pickles and Rye…Gin and Tonic is a classic combination beloved by all. Mix them together, add some lime, and feel the refreshment.