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Photo by Manos Chainakis / Unsplash

Finally, Political News We Can Drink To

Austrian ‘Beer Party’ polling well in Vienna state election
They have proposed a beer fountain in Vienna, the abolition of mandatory closing times and a 50 per cent tax on Radlers.

Ah, The Monkey is Back at $80 for the Smallish Bottle

"If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." Ferris Bueller

The Year’s Most-Anticipated Gin Is Here — Here’s How It Compares to Last Year
Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2023 is a totally different beast from the 2022 edition.

Stop Separating the Recreative from the Procreative!

First, mocktails and alcohol-free beer. Now this.

‘Besides a vodka cranberry’: Bartender shares drinks to order for people who don’t like the taste of alcohol
In a viral video, a bartender shared her recommendations for people tired of panic-ordering vodka cranberries at the bar.

This Might be the Most Gimmicky Marketing Idea Ever, but Hey, Aren't Isn't All Marketing, by Definition, Gimmicky?

Besides, I like Halloween

Paranormal Reserve Haunted Hotel Edition Is the Year’s Scariest Vodka
It Spent 30 Days Inside Two of the Country’s Most Haunted Hotels

It's Ravaging TDE Stronghold in the Spartanburg Area

Prayers (well, thoughts might be enough) for Michael Rodney, who lives there

SC bars reach ‘crisis point’ with skyrocketing liability insurance rates - UPSTATE BUSINESS JOURNAL
Caught between the forces of insurance companies on one side and personal-injury lawyers on the other, small business owners are now facing significant cost increases if they want to keep their doors open.