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Photo by Javier Balseiro / Unsplash

The Topsy-Turvy World of Bankruptcy Law is Never a Dry Area

Leave it to the American genius to devise the elaborate maze that is the Bankruptcy Code.

No other area of law has such an elaborate left-hemispheric schema, complete with its own internal rationalizations that only the mad men within the system can comprehend. It's second only to the Internal Revenue Code.

I guarantee you: the legal briefs in this case will simultaneously numb and stimulate the mind.

Wine Buyers’ Claim to Stranded Bottles Spills Into Bankruptcy Court
Customers of defunct wine marketplace Underground Cellar want to retrieve 500,000 bottles that lender TriplePoint Capital claims as its collateral.

No Objection to Healthy Drinking

Just don't call it "drinking"

Molson Coors To Launch Non-Alcoholic Blue Moon For ‘Dry January’ As Part Of Beyond-Beer Makeover - Molson Coors Beverage (NYSE:TAP)
With a growing number of consumers, especially younger individuals in their 20s, prioritizing well-being, Hattersley said Molson Coors is "moving beyond beer."

But if India Keeps on This Trend, Dry January Won't Register a Small Dog Leg on Worldwide Consumption Charts

The world's largest country is crushing it

Wine In India – Consumption Rates Increasing Along With Wine Knowledge
You may be surprised to learn that in India, wine consumption is increasing. According to IWI, India’s wine market is now estimated to be valued at $238 million.

It's a Scourge, but Don't Blame the Russian Water

The free market is a great thing but it rises no higher than the cultural waters

A repulsive screenshot from my phone while searching for "vodka news"