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I'm a sucker for lounge corners like these. Photo by Ambitious Studio* - Rick Barrett / Unsplash

First Spirit Named After Egyptian Eunuchian Platonic Church Father

Origen Specialty Vodka | Harmony Gin |
Explore the world of Origen Specialty Vodka and Harmony Gin, the pioneers among Herbal Liqueur Brands. Embrace a lifestyle of harmony with nature, curated by Amy Holmwood and Woody Harrelson. With every sip, step into a realm where exquisite taste meets sustainability. Choose to #DrinkHolistic. Shop…

The Road to Hell is Paved with . . . Posters Like These

The painters made Joseph Goebbels look demure

The Road to Prohibition - AHPCS
Did prints help outlaw liquor in the United States? On January 17, 1920, Prohibition went into effect in the United States. The 18th Amendment was ratified in 1919, but it gave the country a whole year to prepare for the actual outlawing of the “manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating l…

Amy is Right: You Can't Take Back a Gift, No Matter How Brutal and Undeserving the Recipient

Memo to Miss Manners: You can't host an evening party without notifying guests ahead of time that Carrie Nation is running the bar.

It's like having guys over for The Game and only playing it on the radio.

Ask Amy: I want my bottle of wine back after taking it to a party where it was not opened
If they don’t drink alcohol, what happened to my wine?

Gardening and Vodka Together: It's a Natural

Vodka to veggies: Tito’s distillery brings fresh produce to its employees
A fully functioning farm on the property provides employees with fresh produce on-site and at home.

Beer Goggles Aren't a Thing? I Disagree. I Know for a Fact They Work When I Look in the Mirror

Beer Goggles or Liquid Courage? Alcohol’s Real Effect on Attraction - Neuroscience News
The research adds a more realistic twist by involving the possibility of future interactions with the people being rated for attractiveness.

If You're Already Looking for a Great Gift for the TDE Staff

You can just send it "Attn: Eric"; my assistant will make sure a few make it to my desk

Costco Just Dropped Its Wildly Popular Wine Advent Calendar Early, and Shoppers Are Stocking Up
Your passport to holiday imbibing has arrived early.

If You're Weekend Gets Slow and Sober, These Are Worth a Scroll

10 small lithographs showing interior of beer manufacturing plant