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Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi / Unsplash

Reason 2: The Screw Top Wine Bottle is Ascendent

I put wine corks in the same category as neckties: Fancy vestiges whose hassles outweigh their traditional charm.

Is This the Best Time Ever to Be Drinking Wine? 4 Compelling Reasons
From fewer corked bottles to more-adventurous approaches to obscure grapes, recent trends in wine are giving oenophiles good reason to raise a glass.

A Few More Bud Lite Ad Campaigns Will Reduce Demand and We'll be Fine

Asahi chief warns climate change could lead to beer shortages | Financial Times
Japanese brewer expects hotter temperatures to reduce barley yields and hops quality over next three decades

Neutered Knighthood

This Milwaukee woman has been christened as Wisconsin’s first-ever female beer knight
Ileana Rivera, COO of the Lowlands Group, was honored for her efforts to spread authentic Belgian bier culture at her Milwaukee restaurants.

8 Mile in Detroit is Legendary

It's the road that separates Detroit from the suburbs. The views took a noticeable dip when you drove south of 8 Mile.

8 Mile itself isn't too bad these days, thanks to booming marijuana and gentleman's club industries, but I'm told the areas just south of 8 Mile now contains Detroit's most dangerous neighborhoods.

Michigan distiller’s 102-proof bourbon pays homage to Detroit’s 8 Mile
The distillery says the bourbon is “a tribute to the enduring spirit of this iconic roadway, honing in on the road’s richness of tradition and unforgettable mark on American culture.”

Next Up: Noiseless Fire Crackers

Mindful Brands launches non-alcoholic ‘Tequila’ - The Spirits Business
The company behind non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ Ceder’s, Mindful Brands, has created an alcohol-free Tequila alternative.