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Priming your mental pump for weekend conversation

Photo by Thomas Park / Unsplash

I've Always Mused that Maybe the Portuguese Are a Damned People for Their Horrible Treatment of the Indigenous During the Age of Exploration

But there was Fatima. Now this.

River of wine flows through town after 2.2million litre tanks burst
A fast-moving river of red wine flowed down a steep hill in the small town, near the coast of Portugal, after two tanks owned by Levira Distillery suddenly gave way on Sunday

Whiskey Climbs One Cultural Rung Higher

Or higher education climbs one rung lower.

Home | James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits

He then Fathered All 11 Children in a Single Evening of Copulatory Excess

And so his Chuck Norris-like legend grows

Elon Musk passed out after drinking vodka in a meeting with Russians to buy rockets because he was hungover from partying in Paris, biography says
Elon Musk was left “ragged” after a late night of partying in Paris before the meeting in Moscow, Walter Isaacson’s biography of Musk says.

BYCU Regards to Our Pickled Friends in Wisconsin

Mushroom gin, gourmet popcorn among nominees for ‘Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin’ contest
Last year’s “coolest thing” was an was an electric fire truck produced in Appleton by Pierce Manufacturing.

I Disagree, and I'll Stack My Pile of Autobiographical Woes Against the Science Any Day

You’ve Been Lied To About That ‘Beer Before Liquor’ Saying
Does the time-honored phrase actually hold up to science?

Just $4.167 per Can

Why Donald Trump mug shot is now on beer cans
Ten percent of the sales will be donated to defend Georgia’s Trump electors against “unjust political prosecution,” according to the beer’s seller.